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Capture customers, drive product sales, and build your brand with bold, memorable packaging design. As Los Angeles’s leading packaging design agency, we know what it takes to get packages off shelves and into your target audience’s hands. We create eye-catching packaging design that stimulates the senses, evokes emotional responses, and revolutionizes your revenue.

White Rabbit packaging design service in LA
Modern, professional packaging design

We help LA businesses cut through the competition with innovative packaging design

Every White Rabbit product package is designed with a single fundamental goal – driving sales.

We carefully craft every aspect of our packaging design projects to maximize our Los Angeles client’s ability to reach out and steal their target audience’s attention as they walk down retail aisles or browse through your online inventory. Our strategically chosen color palettes, typography, graphic design, and formatting work together to catapult your products to the top of your target audiences’ list of “must-have” products and compel them to make a purchase today, not tomorrow.

White Rabbit dives deep into every one of our partners’ organizations, industries, and competitive markets to generate fresh, exciting ideas. We then transform these ideas into a world-class design that empowers our clients to stand out from the LA crowd and authentically connect with their target audience, whether they’re shopping online or in person. Our industry-leading packaging design team is passionate about creating custom design that tells our Los Angeles clients’ stories, boosts their brands, and supercharges their sales.


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  • Food Packaging Design
  • Cosmetic Packaging Design
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  • Creative Packaging
Modern and creative graphic packaging design
Powerful packaging design is invaluable for building brands and converting customers. White Rabbit's "can do!" culture and unmatched skill allow us to create elegant, eye-catching packaging design solutions that take our LA client's businesses to new heights.

Check out some of our recent packaging design work

Packaging design inspired by the original 1971 willy wonka and the chocolate factory film

Blind Low Vision

Two boxes stacked with custom mexican food packaging design for Mexicali Fresh

Mexicali Fresh

Person holding a coffee cup with the best cup packaging design

Altura Coffee

Creative packaging design with window for a candy company


Coffee bag packaging displaying green sleeve design with a bean logo

Eighth Continent Coffee

Gin bottle on display showing sleek black and white design on the packaging

Trident Distilleries

Our packaging design process

  • White Rabbit leverages an industry-leading discovery process to uncover the values, goals, and style that makes each of our partners’ Los Angeles organizations unique. We’ll combine the insights we gain into your business, brand, and competition with the hoppest trends in packaging to help you line up the perfect dieline and guide crucial decisions like dimensions, materials, and design style.

  • After we’ve carried out our meticulous discovery process, we’ll let our packaging design bunnies run wild. They’ll unleash their hard-earned expertise, exceptional design experience, and raw creativity to uncover the perfect combination of color, style, imagery, and typography to send your products flying off the shelves. Our packaging designers blend strategic sales techniques with eye-catching artistry to create packaging design that captures the core values of your products and the spirit of your organization.

  • We believe input from our LA partners is crucial to the success of White Rabbit’s packaging design. We might be design experts, but nobody knows your company as well as you do. After we’ve crafted a packaging design that meets our world-class standards, we’ll collaborate with you to review, discuss, and refine our concept as you see fit.

  • Now it’s time to bring your transformative packaging design to life. We’ll create a high-resolution, press-ready artwork file that will serve as the template for all of your product packaging. Once your final files are in your paws, you can pass them along to your print production partner or take advantage of our state-of-the-art printing and production process. We create durable, detailed packaging materials that encapsulate the integrity and impact of your new design.

Transform your packaging into a sales asset with White Rabbit

You only have the blink of an eye to capture your customer’s attention and convince them to try your product. Your product packaging design is often your first, last, and only opportunity to spotlight your LA brand and convert potential buyers into loyal customers. Don’t fumble it with an uninspired, forgettable packaging design! Catch eyes, win hearts, and grow your business with a packaging design that moves the needle.

We understand the psychology behind package design – how it affects your product’s perceived value, evokes action and differentiates your brand from your competitors in the mind of your target audience. Strategic packaging design can transform average products into industry leaders… imagine what it could do for a product as exciting as yours!

The work of our packaging design company in LA

One-of-One design for one-of-a-kind LA businesses

Our bold, attractive, and modern LA packaging design services are hand-tailored to every client we partner with, ensuring every design that leaves our full-service studio resonates with its target audience.

Our exceptional track record of generating exciting, innovative, and impactful packaging design solutions for businesses across industries has earned us “go-to” status among start-ups, growing companies, and industry leaders in Los Angeles. Our partners know that investing in a White Rabbit design leads to hoptimal sales results.

We believe every company in LA deserves packaging design hand-crafted to represent their brand and appeal to their customers. You’ve invested too much time, passion, and resources in developing your products to settle for a lackluster design that corners your brand into blending in with the crowd. Reach out to White Rabbit today to take the first step towards wowing your customers and strengthening your sales with a polished, professional, and personalized packaging design.

Minimalistic, line art style graphic packaging design in LA
Clever and creative packaging design in Los Angeles

World-class packaging design made simple

We understand how daunting it can feel to consider a new or refreshed packaging design in Los Angeles. That’s why we provide our friendly, collaborative packaging design team with every tool, process, and strategy necessary to create quick, convenient, low-stress client experiences.

We take complete ownership of the packaging design process, from conception, to production, to delivery, to create a simplified and streamlined experience for our Los Angeles partners. Instead of worrying about sourcing manufacturers, testing concepts, or figuring out delivery, you simply need to call us up and say, “Hey! I need packaging design!” – we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ve invested years of hard work and unwavering passion into developing the best packaging design service in LA. Whether you need a compelling box, bottle, label, or container, we’re the perfect bunch of bunnies for the job. White Rabbit packaging solutions are sleek, sophisticated, and sales-oriented.

Fun, playful and packaging design in LA

With our LA packaging design services, you get the complete package


High-quality products call for high-quality packaging. Signal your professionalism and affirm your product’s value with packaging materials and production strategies that leave your competitors in the dust.


You deserve a packaging design as unique as your business. We help companies across Los Angeles put their personalities on display through expressive packaging design that resonates with their customers.


We’re proud to offer comprehensive packaging design services that make upgrading your products’ presence quick and convenient. We do everything from market research to packaging production.


We make the most out of every inch of your product packaging design with modern, minimalist visuals that entice your target audience. Our package designs are simple, sophisticated, and stimulating!


Competing for attention in retail environments is challenging – especially in Los Angeles. Our unbridled creativity helps our client’s products stand out like a shining beacon among a sea of competitors.


We aren’t all about form – we believe in functionality, too. That’s why we offer expert guidance on decisions like the size, shape, storage capacity, and materials used to craft your product packaging.

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