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Turn your menu into a sales multiplier with graphic menu design that’s as IG-worthy as your entrees. Our one-of-a-kind menus have helped some of LA’s hottest eateries stand out from the crowd and build a thriving community of devoted regulars. Ready to make your menu a mouth-waterer?

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Creative graphic menu design in LA

Order up a stellar menu design

Make an A-list impression on every customer that walks through the door with a sizzling hot menu design by White Rabbit. We make up for our limited cooking skills (carrots, anyone?) with eye-catching menu design optimized for maximum appeal and impact.

Menus are more than pieces of paper – they’re the connection between your passion and your LA customers’ palettes. The right menu design tells the story of your establishment; the ingredients, inspirations, and ideas that make you unique among LA’s 30,000 eateries.

Whether you’re running a cozy cafe, bustling bar, or respected restaurant, you know presentation matters. But presentation isn’t just about your dishes – it’s about your entire dining experience. Set the stage for 5-star reviews and repeat reservations with bespoke menu design. We’re ready to turn your business into the talk of the town, be it a gourmet restaurant in Beverly Hills, a family-friendly spot in Pacific Palisades, or a chill bar in Santa Monica.


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Our graphic menu design is the perfect tool to tantalize taste buds and stimulate sales.

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Menu open displaying the front and back cover with food items for a bar

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Our menu design process

  • We kick off by diving deep into your establishment’s persona. We’ll ask questions about your customers, vision, messaging, and more to ensure your custom design captures the unique LA identity of your establishment.

  • We’ll blend buyer behavior insights with top-tier design strategy to fashion a menu that’s captivating, unique, and user-centric. The outcome? A menu that goes beyond listing meals to entice orders and boost your bottom line.

  • At this phase, we refine the design based on your insights and feedback. Your feedback is our compass, directing us toward those adjustments or unique touches needed for the final design masterpiece. Together, we’ll ensure it’s tailored precisely to your LA vision and expectations.

  • Once we receive a nod of approval on the final design, we kick-off the print magic. We’ll send a high-resolution PDF of your menu hopping to your inbox for digital display. We’ll also deliver your crisp, fresh printed menus straight to your doorstep. Ready to tempt some taste buds?

Why menu design matters

A striking and well-conceived menu can be your best sales tool.

A well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing menu isn’t just an informational sheet; it’s the silent salesperson at every table, whispering suggestions and showcasing your best dishes to all of Los Angeles. Our outcome-driven approach ensures your menu design will be more than a stunning branding tool – it will become an essential aspect of your sales & growth engine.

We blend design principles with sales-centric psychology to craft menus that elevate reviews and revenue. Every element—from strategic formatting and color theory to typography—is meticulously planned to highlight your star dishes, encourage up-sells, and foster repeat visits from Los Angeles’ famous foodie crowd.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating your menu’s impact. Make the most of every first impression with an irresistible graphic menu design as hot as your dishes.

Modern and clean menu design in Los Angeles

Unveiling your culinary story

Your menu is more than just an itemized list—it’s your brand’s first chance to connect with your diners. An expertly designed menu goes beyond showcasing dishes; it elevates your brand and turns first-time reservations into long-term regulars.

Your eatery has a unique flavor, and we’re here to capture it. From cozy cafés and bustling bars to high-end dining and corner takeaways, we have the expertise to tailor menu design to resonate with a range of ideal LA audiences. Whether you need an elegant layout for a refined establishment or a vibrant vibe for your laid-back spot – we’ve got you covered.

We immerse ourselves in understanding your objectives, your unique essence of your place, and the clientele you cater to. Our approach? A marriage of ingenious design and pinpoint marketing, sculpting menus that drive sales, fortify brand loyalty, and ensure your seats stay filled.

Professional and contemporary menu design layout services in LA

Complete design and print services at White Rabbit

At White Rabbit, we’re not just about design; we’re about bringing your vision to life from start to finish. Our holistic approach ensures that from the moment of inception to the final printed product, every step is meticulously overseen and executed to perfection.

We offer an expansive portfolio of design solutions to cater to the diverse needs of Los Angeles eateries. Be it a straightforward A5 takeaway leaflet or a sophisticated, multi-page dining menu, our expertise has you covered. And because we understand the wear and tear of the dining environment, we keep options like lamination readily available for enhanced durability.

Our full-service philosophy inspired us to provide world-class, end-to-end print services. Our printing facilities are equipped with all of the paper styles, qualities, and sizes your LA brand could ever need. Our iconic dedication to quality control means your finished product isn’t just functional—it’s a work of art.

Clear and legible menu board design in Los Angeles

With our LA menu design services, you get the complete package


Your menu isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s your silent salesperson. By strategically leveraging design, type, and imagery, we lead your guests to the dishes that not only tantalize their taste buds but also pad your profits.


Printing isn’t just about getting ink on paper; it’s an art. Our Los Angeles experts ensure your menus are printed on premier paper stocks with top-tier inks. For that extra touch of durability, we offer finishes like lamination.


LA’s dining scene is a culinary playground that demands excellence. Elevate diners’ first impressions with a menu that not only lists offerings but also exudes the ambience and quality of your establishment.


From the chic eateries of Beverly Hills to the laid-back cafes of Venice, our designs are as diverse and dynamic as LA itself. We’ll craft a menu that reads like a love letter to your restaurant’s unique vibe and voice.


Life moves fast in LA and the restaurant industry is no different. After we’ve polished and perfected your new menus, we’ll expedite their delivery right to your front door – anywhere in Los Angeles – at no additional charge.


Stand out in a city of stars. We employ cutting-edge typography, strategy, and artistry to ensure your menu doesn’t blend into the hustle & bustle of the city. It highlights and reflects your brand to set you apart from competitors.

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