Start-up business website design packages

Ready to take your L,A, start-up or side hustle to new heights? White Rabbit’s comprehensive start-up website design packages give new brands the hops they need to rise above their competition. We help start-ups and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles turn their visions into realities with compelling website design packages that build credibility, capture customers, and drive conversions.

White Rabbit start up business design packages in LA

World-class start-up design packages in LA

Whether you’re a lean start-up eager to make a name for yourself or an established small business ready for a rebrand, our value-packed start-up website design packages can transform your wildest daydreams into revenue-generating realities.

We created these website design packages to provide accessible, cost-effective branding solutions for small businesses, one-person shops, and start-ups in Los Angeles that want to maximize the impact of their marketing dollars.

Our years of experience partnering with businesses of every size in every industry taught us valuable lessons about the essential branding assets every organization needs to succeed. We used these lessons to strategically build each of our three website design packages that balance impact with expense to provide effective branding assets without breaking the bank.

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Great value website design packages in LA

The Mini Lop

The Mini Lop is our most cost-effective website design package. This start-up design bundle empowers lean start-ups to begin building their brand and capturing the attention of their ideal customers. If you’re a solopreneur, one-person show, or small business owner that wants to boost visibility without spending an ear-and-a-paw, this is the package for you.

The Mini Lop provides LA businesses with the essential branding and sales assets to build their presence online and on the ground. We’ll create a head-turning logo design, a sleek one-page website, and 250 business cards that transform the character of your company into a cohesive brand that compels your ideal customers to come hopping to your door.


Logo design – 1 concept + 1 revision

Business card design + 250 print

One-page website

Our specialist start-up business design packages in LA

The Hopper

The Hopper is White Rabbit’s most popular start-up website design package. This high-value bundle arms Los Angeles start-ups with everything they need to launch branding, sales, and marketing campaigns that transform them from the new bunnies on the block to household names.

Our hop-notch designers will create three compelling logo concepts for you to choose from, with up to three rounds of revisions to nail down the perfect symbol for your brand. Then, we’ll use your new logo to guide the creation of additional branding collateral, like business cards and an easily integratable email signature. We’ll print your new branding assets using our state-of-the-art technology, premium paper stocks, vibrant inks, and high-quality finishes.

We’ll also help you build your online presence with a user-optimized, highly responsive five-page website. We’ll create a unique site that highlights your start-up’s one-of-a-kind LA brand and compels your target audience to dive deeper into your exciting products and services.


Logo design – 3 concepts + 3 revisions

Business card design + 500 print

Five-page website

HTML email signature

A look at our popular website design package

The Flemish Giant

The Flemish Giant is White Rabbit’s premier start-up website design package. As a complete branding solution, the Flemish Giant empowers start-ups to make an unforgettable first impression on their customers, clients, and competitors in Los Angeles.

This comprehensive, value-packed suite of services includes every brand asset you need to take LA by storm. The Flemish Giant includes three – that’s right, three! – logo design concepts that transform the unique spirit of your business into vivid, powerful symbols that help you stand out from the crowd.

The Flemish Giant isn’t just a world-class brand-building package – it drives sales, too! Our talented graphic artists, web developers, and brand designers will put their ears together to create a sleek, modern 10-page website that takes your presence, professionalism, and profitability to the next level. We’ll follow that up with even more digital assets, like branded email signatures and custom social media artwork.

This all-in-one package also includes customized branding guidelines that provide crucial instructions for maximizing the impact of your brand identity. This insightful framework offers step-by-step guidance on leveraging your new logo, typography, brand colors, and imagery to capture customers, dominate markets, and firmly establish your business in Los Angeles’ ultra-competitive market.

But the fun doesn’t stop there with the Flemish Giant package! We’ll design premium business cards, bespoke business letterhead, and conversion-driving trifold brochures customized to your unique brand persona and business goals. You’ll also benefit from a higher print run than any other package, ensuring your entire team will be ready to make waves at trade shows, networking events, and business meetings with your new arsenal of powerful print collateral.


Logo design – 3 concepts + 3 revisions

Brand guidelines manual

Business card design + 1000 print

Ten-page website

Letterhead design + 500 print

Trifold brochure design + 500 print

Social media artwork – cover + logo

HTML email signature

With our LA start-up business design packages, you get the complete package


We’re hare to elevate your impact, not your expenses. That’s why our awesome start-up packages provide every branding essential at price points for every stage of your business’ growth and development.


Credibility is king for start-up. We help new ventures in LA present a polished, sleek image that is sure to instill confidence in investors and customers from the moment they encounter your brand.


We love to wrap up projects with a carrot on top. That’s why we offer free shipping straight to your LA location on all printed items. Get your business cards, brochures, and more straight to your front door.


Our full-service start-up website design packages ensure your audience enjoys consistent experiences engaging with your Los Angeles brand that generate brand recognition, loyalty, and word of mouth.


Our full-service start-up packages make building your brand quick, convenient, and cost-effective. We take complete ownership of our partners’ branding process, allowing you to focus on growth.


Driving sales are at the center of every design decision our bunnies make. Our start-up packages equip new businesses with everything they need to build a brand that transforms prospects into patrons.


  • Choosing the best website design package for your LA start-up boils down to two questions: how important building your brand is to you at this stage, and how much you’re excited to invest? The Mini Lop is the most cost-effective package and provides the essential assets you need to market your small business effectively. The Hopper is ideal for start-ups in Los Angeles that want to invest in a solid online presence and enjoy a broader range of print collateral. Start-ups that want to swing for the fences only go for one package – the Flemish Giant.

  • Your brand guideline is better described as your Brand Bible. It will detail the rules, best practices, and most effective strategies for using your central brand elements, like logos, fonts, and colors, to build a cohesive, consistent brand. Brand guidelines are invaluable tools for growing companies that want to ensure each member of their team and major partners like suppliers present a unified, polished image that builds trust and credibility with your ideal customers.

  • Much like the magicians we occasionally hang out with, we never reveal all of our secrets (online!) Contact us today to learn more about our website design packages pricing.

  • The website design package you choose, your availability for feedback and revisions, and our workload all factor into how long each start-up design process takes. Most start-up design projects are completed within 2-12 weeks. For a more accurate timeline, contact us today.

  • We carefully designed each of our start-up packages to accommodate Los Angeles businesses at every stage of growth and development with a careful balance of value and cost. However, we’re always willing to consider bending the rules for clients that ask nicely.

  • We deliver printed collateral straight to your LA location – free of charge.

  • We break payments for each package into bite-sized pieces. These phases vary from package to package, and can be impacted by additional services. But don’t worry – we can chat about this more when you give us a ring!

Our start-up website design packages build brands that build businesses

Our comprehensive start-up business website design packages give your brand the lift it needs to take off in LA and around the globe. We’ll help you do everything – from crafting the perfect logo and developing a unique and engaging website to printing high-quality copies of physical assets like brochures, business cards, and branded stationary.

We created each of our start-up website design packages to provide maximum value, efficiency, and impact to LA start-ups in every stage of growth. We make impressing your target audience with clean, cohesive, and compelling messaging simple, so you can focus on scaling.

White Rabbit’s world-class designers have helped businesses drum up attention, capture new customers, and drive sales everywhere from Auckland to Oakland. If your Los Angeles start-up is ready to field new sign-ups, subscriptions, and sales by the bunch, you’ve found the perfect buns for the job.

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