A fusion of science and gin bottle packaging

Sleek packaging design for a gin bottle

Incorporating a splash of creativity to create a sleek gin bottle design

Trident Distilleries, a compact distillery specializing in the creation of gin, reached out to us for the development of a premium and handcrafted gin bottle packaging design that mirrors their motto, “where science meets tradition.” We designed a set of illustrations that seamlessly blend both handcrafted and monoline styles, drawing inspiration from the flavors that define the company’s gin. These illustrations add a distinct and visually captivating element to the gin label design.

To infuse a scientific touch, we integrated patterns and arranged the content in a grid layout. A sophisticated typeface was thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with the overall aesthetic of the sleek gin bottle design. The timeless black and white look for the Londry dry flavor creates a visual foundation for the rest of the range. The vibrant tones of hot pink and lively green were utilized to distinguish between those flavors in the range – kaffir lime and rhubarb. This selection radiates vibrancy and excitement, capturing the very essence of the unique flavor profiles. The minimalist design of the gin bottle packaging sets them distinctly apart from competitors and reflects sense of excellence and craftsmanship. We then extended the packaging and branding components into the digital realm, ensuring a consistent and fluid user experience for exploring their gin products.

Flat view of a sleek design for gin bottle packaging
Gin bottle on display showing sleek design on the packaging in LA
Design label showing green and white elements for a gin company
Packaging showing the design of a lime flavored gin with illustrations and typography
Gin bottle displayed on a concrete block showing modern illustrations
Bottle placed on a pink background with a packaging label design
Gin label packaging with pink illustrations ready to printed
Packaging design for pink gin on a bottle
Laptop showcasing gin products with a sleek look on a website design
Flat layout of gin products with modern gradient treatment and typography on a website

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