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White Rabbit infographics make the complex simple and the mundane magical. We create engaging visual representations of important data sets, exciting information, and complicated concepts that are accessible, engaging, and unforgettable to your audience in Los Angeles and around the globe.

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Modern, easily digestible infographics design in LA

Why infographics rock

The way people consume information has changed. LA organizations that want to keep their target audiences’ attention need new and exciting strategies that allow them to promote their brand, sell their products, and connect with their customers. Infographics fit this bill perfectly by breaking important topics into easily visualized and digestible content.

Infographics are an invaluable way for companies in Los Angeles to connect with customers in an increasingly hectic digital world. As competition for attention continues to grow, high-quality infographics may make or break your ability to capture scrolling customers.


The work from our leading infographic design company in Los Angeles
Infographics tap into humans' inherent affinity for visual learning. Icons, illustrations, typography, and color palettes catch customers' eyes and convince them to dive deeper into your LA brand.

Our infographic design process

  • We kick off every infographic design project with our tried-and-true discovery process. This phase is all about diving deep into the heart of your LA business to uncover the unique qualities that make your company tick. This discovery phase equips our designers with the insight they need to create infographics that authentically represent your business.

  • This is where we really shine. Our world-class team of infographic designers’ rare talent and raw creativity empowers them to create a range of impactful, innovative, and eye-catching infographic concepts perfect for print or digital distribution.

  • After we’ve crafted the perfect concept, we’ll reach out to you to gain feedback, guidance, and direction that will allow us to propel your unique infographic design to new heights.

  • Woop Woop! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Your finished infographic is ready to be released from our burrow into the wild (if you consider your email inbox or front doorstep to be “the wild.”) We’ll send you a suite of high-resolution files in every format you could need in the future.

A magazine spread showing the layout of our unique and custom infographic design in LA

We’re LA’s number bun infographic design agency!

We know our LA clients are competing against thousands of businesses every day. That’s why we create one-of-a-kind infographics that help our partners cut through the chaos and stand out from the crowd. We transform plain text into extraordinary customer experiences with innovative design and strategic layouts that catch your customer’s attention and refuse to let go. Whether you need to share an exciting development, break down a complex topic, or wow your customers with a fresh, modern piece of content, we’ve got you covered.

The layout of our modern, flat and creative infographic design

With our LA infographic design services, you get the complete package


We value communication almost as much as carrots. Our Los Angeles designers invest in getting to know your company, collaborate with you to revise concepts, and answer every question that arises during your project.


The digital landscape is flooded with blogs and articles that look exactly the same. Our infographics turn heads and help our partners build a buzz, capture new customers, and supercharge their growth in Los Angeles.


A well-designed infographic signals your credibility, professionalism, and commitment to success to everyone that comes across it. Our meticulous design process guarantees your infographic will be aesthetically pleasing.


Life is complicated enough without adding your branding materials to the list. We transform complex charts, dry data, and challenging concepts into straightforward infographics that turn confusion into conversions.


At White Rabbit, we never miss an opportunity to inject our partners’ unique personalities and brand personas into our cutting-edge infographics. We add character and charisma that captivates and sets your brand apart.


Your image is everything. That’s why we polish and perfect every White Rabbit infographic to world-class standards, empowering our clients to project their credibility, expertise, and professionalism to their target audience.

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