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Elevate your brand to new heights with White Rabbit’s expert logo animation services. Our dynamic logo animations inject a modern and vibrant flair into your marketing that helps your brand stand out among the hustle-and-bustle of LA. Our animated logo designs give LA brands and businesses the engaging edge they need to capture more attention, customers, and conversions.

Logo animation in LA
Modern animated logo design

Logo animation design for Los Angeles’ movers-and-shakers

We breathe life into static Los Angeles logos with fluid, seamless animation that intrigues and delights your customers, encouraging them to dive deeper into your brand, products, and services.

We breathe life into static Los Angeles logos with fluid, seamless animation that intrigues and delights your customers, encouraging them to dive deeper into your brand, products, and services.

Our hop-notch animators can create everything from minimal, cartoon-style animations to full-blown 4K video presentations with sound effects, music, and seamless loops. We tailor every animation project to the unique needs, obstacles, and goals behind our LA partners’ motivation to get their logo hopping, ensuring every White Rabbit animation hits the mark perfectly. We’ve transformed static logos that blended into the background of LA into eye-catching experiences that hop out of the crowd and capture customers from The Valley to South Bay.

Animated logo design helps companies in Los Angeles push the attention-grabbing envelope by putting a fresh, unique spin on their most powerful and recognizable brand asset

Our animated logo design process

  • Before we can begin animating, we need to gather a lil’ inspiration. Our quick-and-easy discovery process equips our animators with the insights into your brand, goals, and target audience they need to create logo animations that elevate your engagement while remaining true to your one-of-a-kind LA brand.

  • Once we’ve created an animation roadmap from our discovery data, we’ll begin bringing your logo to life. We’ll explore animation styles, speeds, and sound effects to find the perfect combination of exciting upgrades for your LA company’s logo.

  • Once we’ve dialed in our direction and created an eye-catching animation concept, we’ll link back up with you to gain some insight, feedback, and ideas our animators can use to polish and perfect your logo animation design.

  • After we wrap up our final touches on your new logo animation design, we’ll send you a full suite of high-resolution videos that includes every file format you could ever need. We’ll arm you with animations optimized for your LA business website, YouTube, social media platforms, and more!

Why animate your logo?

Your logo is your calling card to the world. Make it unforgettable with an animation design that transforms your Los Angeles company’s logo into a living, breathing branding asset. We create silky smooth animated logo design that can be shared anywhere your customers find you, from social media platforms and business websites to branded videos, content, and more.

Since we have a reputation for hopping the extra mile to maintain, we even offer our partners engagement-boosters for their new animated logo design like sound effects or theme music.

And who doesn’t want their own theme music?

Our beautiful smooth logo animation work

Hop to White Rabbit for logo animation in Los Angeles!

White Rabbit pours our hare-t and soul into every logo animation design project – it’s just how our LA design agency operates. We’re passionate about leveraging our strategic, creative, and technical brilliance to create bespoke branding solutions that turn heads, build interest, and drive action.

White Rabbit animations transform your unique LA brand persona into a sleek, sophisticated symbol that speaks to everyone that engages with your company’s digital assets. We carefully refine every aspect of our partners’ animated logo designs to evoke emotions and actions that push their target audience to take the first step in the buying journey.

Our commitment to limitless creativity, strategic design principles, and flawless execution empowers us to create animated logos that authentically represent our Los Angeles partners and resonate with their ideal customers.

Professional logo animation in Los Angeles

With our LA logo animation services, you get the complete package


A clean, modern logo helps signal your credibility and professionalism to prospective customers. We take this impact a step further by creating eye-catching animations that present a polished presence to everyone that engages with your brand.


You may not know it, but you’re in the middle of a War for Attention. Your ideal customers encounter thousands of business logos a day – make sure your logo is the one that dominates their top-of-mind thanks to your unique, innovative and engaging logo animation.


Design is what we bunnies do best. Our designers see every LA project as an opportunity to flex our creative and artistic muscles and produce one-of-a-kind visuals that rise above the hustle-and-bustle of the city to capture eyes, minds, and hearts.


Your animated logo design should be every bit as unique as your business! Our industry-leading discovery process arms us with the info we need to create logo animation designs that perfectly encapsulate your LA organization’s style, vision, and experience.


We design with the end in mind. We know your Los Angeles business exists to generate sales, so we approach every logo animation design with a “revenue first” mindset. We love creating artwork that pulls double-duty as a brand-builder and top-tier salesperson!


Every opportunity your business has to engage your target audience is truly golden. Make sure you’re optimizing every brand touch-point by seamlessly integrating an eye-catching animated logo into all of your branded marketing and sales collateral.

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