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We create jaw-dropping posters that push our partners to the front of the pack. Our blockbuster-worthy creativity, enthusiasm, and expertise make it easy for you to dazzle your target audience with striking promotional poster designs that supercharge your business goals. Build brand recognition, win customer loyalty, and drive sales that place you head-and-ears above your competition in Los Angeles with a White Rabbit poster design.

White Rabbit poster design service in LA
Eye-catching business poster design with vibrant colours and geometric shapes

Walk-of-fame worthy poster design in Los Angeles

Posters play a pivotal role in the growth and success of organizations across LA. With the right design and a strategic distribution process, companies can connect with their ideal customers and stay top-of-mind for pennies on the dollar compared to highly competitive and oversaturated digital marketing channels.

Our state-of-the-art tools and technology, unmatched artistic abilities, and extraordinary track record of success make us the perfect partner for your next run of marketing, branding, or sales posters.

Our bespoke, one-of-a-kind posters are carefully crafted to capture the attention of our partners’ target audience and drive them to action. Whether you need to drum up interest for your next film or T.V. pilot, drive ticket sales for your upcoming concert, play, or comedy show, or generate leads for your business, we’re the right buns for the job!

Our unmatched attention to detail, commitment to creativity, and unwavering passion for poster design mean you can count on us to spearhead poster creation campaigns that exceed our client’s wildest expectations.


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Impactful movie poster design in LA
We create blockbuster poster designs so sleek, so vibrant, and so bold that your clients won't be able to resist pawsing in their tracks to get a closer look.

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One of our best billboards, voted best billboard design in LA

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Designs of a film in poster form for tv and movie entertainment collateral


Poster design for Warner Brothers tv show Fuller House

Fuller House

Our award-winning poster design process

  • We kick off every White Rabbit poster design project with a fun-damental discovery process that gives us an authentic image of your LA organization’s brand, industry, ideal customers, and competitors. We’ll also review your organization’s central vision, inspiration, and goals for your upcoming event, movie, or season premiere. We’ll use the insights from this phase to direct (pun intended) the remainder of your project.

  • After sinking their teeth into your unique LA brand, our poster design experts will begin exploring art styles, color palettes, imagery, typography, and other essential elements of poster design. They’ll unleash their creativity to uncover the perfect concept to capture your brand and connect with your customers.

  • After we’ve crafted a show-stopping poster design concept, we’ll reconnect with you to review the design and gain valuable feedback. We know no-bunny knows your Los Angeles business like you, so we keep our oversized ears perked up for comments, questions, and ideas that could take the impact of our posters to the next level.

  • It’s time to make your dreams a reality. Using our industry-leading printing process, we’ll transform your high-resolution poster design into bold, vibrant, and modern physical assets that are primed and polished for spreading throughout LA. Then, we’ll package them up and send them hopping to you anywhere in Los Angeles – for free!

Poster designs that shine like 24-carrot gold

We create poster designs that power our partners’ business goals across departments. Whether you need to build brand recognition in LA, drive product conversions or service subscriptions, or educate your target audience, an engaging, strategically-designed poster is the perfect tool to ensure success.

We leverage striking visuals and intentional formatting to create posters that maximize our partners’ exposure. Our rich experience creating unique posters for businesses around the globe has prepared our top-tier designers to compete for – and win – your target audience’s attention in one of the world’s most competitive markets – LA.

Our team of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed designers is eager to use their industry-leading creativity and technical skills to create iconic posters that capture new customers, build a buzz around your brand, and drive revenue. We condense key marketing messages into compelling designs that make your ideal customers do a double-take.

Professional hospitality poster design

LA’s one-hop-shop for powerful poster design

White Rabbit is proud to offer a convenient, comprehensive poster service that includes everything from brand discovery to final poster delivery. We take complete ownership of your poster creation process, from our initial discovery call to concept creation, design finalization, and printing.

We keep you in the loop during every step of the design process to ensure crucial design elements like artistic style, color palettes, and formatting all work harmoniously to drive your business objectives. Our design team’s rabbit-fire discovery process guarantees we remain faithful to the unique spirit of your LA business every step of the way.

We also provide insightful guidance on key decisions like paper stock, poster size, and advanced finishing options to maximize your poster’s impact. If you’re looking for an all-in-one poster creation solution that understands what it takes to make a splash in Los Angeles, look no further. We’re ready to take your marketing and sales to the next level with head-turning poster design.

Stake your claim in LA with a White Rabbit poster

Standing out from the crowd is challenging for any business. But businesses in epicenters of commerce, culture, and competition (*cough* like Los Angeles *cough*) have an even steeper hill to climb to gain brand recognition, market share, and customer loyalty.

Annnnd that’s why we’re here to help! Our unique poster design process allows your organization to gain exposure that captures your target audience’s attention and converts it into a buzz your sales and marketing teams can capitalize on.

The limitless distribution potential of posters makes getting in front of your audience quick, easy, and cost-effective. Instead of competing for your customer’s attention online, you’ll be able to grab ahold of it as they commute to work, visit the mall, or pace the packed aisles at your next tradeshow.

Custom TV show poster design in LA

With our LA poster design services, you get the complete package


Our posters don’t just look fantastic – they’re potent sales and branding assets, too! Our captivating visuals and strategic formatting prime your target audience for conversion, and our powerful calls-to-action do the rest.


Once your high-quality posters have been printed, our team will have them delivered straight to your doorstep in Los Angeles, free of charge. You’ll then be ready to showcase your stunning new poster to the world.


Poster design is an opportunity to go big. Our designers hop at the chance to create creative, one-of-a-kind posters that stop your audience in their tracks. Own your LA audience’s top-of-mind with a White Rabbit poster.


There’s a reason LA’s biggest blockbusters still invest in promo posters. A well-designed poster is an immediate attention-grabber that empowers organizations to connect with their target audience with a simple glance.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a White Rabbit poster is worth ten thousand. Our designers transform your message into compelling visuals that turn heads and convert your audience in Los Angeles and beyond.


Our cutting-edge printers and quality paper stocks propel your marketing and branding campaigns a hop, skip, and jump ahead of your competition. Our vibrant colors and bold design create posters that stand out, even in LA.

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