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Striking hero and spot illustrations are the perfect one-two punch for making your audience perk up their ears. Our world-class illustrators are ready to transform your Los Angeles brand into lovable illustrations that turn heads and connect with your target customers.

White Rabbit hero and spot illustration design service in LA
Tailored, professional hero illustration in LA

What is a spot illustration?

A spot illustration is a simple, clean, minimalist expression of a concept. Spot illustrations are stand-alone assets perfect for highlighting featured areas on pivotal web pages. They also help businesses inject their unique brand persona and style into their websites, allowing them to forge stronger connections with their target audience.

Spot illustrations add a simple yet impactful flair to marketing materials that transform them from stuffy to spell-binding. We help our LA clients optimize and personalize their websites, blogs, print collateral and emails with bite-sized illustrations that drive interest, brand recognition, and conversions.


Tailored, professional spot illustration in LA

What is a hero illustration?

A hero illustration is the central character in your website’s story. Hero illustrations live above-the-fold; in the coveted virtual real estate that welcomes your target audience and convinces them to continue scrolling.

Although it usually refers to the homepage banner these days, the term “above-the-fold” actually predates the internet.

Print designers used it to describe the dominant, tone-setting graphic in a print ad, sales booklet, or similar revenue-driving asset. As the world slowly went digital, online publications adapted, updated, and evolved above-the-fold designs to capture eyes, attention, and subscribers across the World Wide Web.

Your hero image is your first chance to make an impression on prospective customers – make it count with a stunning illustration from White Rabbit.

Hero illustrations empower LA organizations to tell richer, deeper stories than spot illustrations allow. Our heroic hero illustrators use their hop-notch creativity to create eye-catching mascots, animals, landscapes, abstract compositions, and more that make your target audience paws in their tracks. We know what it takes to build a buzz in Los Angeles and leverage that insight into visuals that engage your audience the moment they lay eyes on your site.

Modern, flat, brand hero illustration in LA

Our hero and spot illustration process

  • Crafting a hero or spot illustration that captures the spirit of your LA brand and resonates with your target audience requires a little research. Our discovery process allows us to gain actionable insights into your brand, business goals, and ideal customers that provide the direction our team needs to create a one-of-a-kind illustration.

  • Once our illustration bunnies have caught your scent, it’s off to the races! They’ll unleash their limitless creativity and fine-tuned technical skills to create images quintessentially you. Our team intentionally designs every aspect of our LA partners’ illustrations, from minute details like linework to big-picture questions like color schemes, style, and emotional impact.

  • After we’ve whipped up artwork that wows, we’ll present it to you to review. We hop at the opportunity to get feedback from our partners because we believe no-bunny knows your Los Angeles brand like you. After you’ve shared any comments or suggestions, we’ll head back to our design burrow to finalize your new images.

  • Once we’ve received the “all clear,” we’ll send you high-resolution files that allow you to easily embed your new digital assets wherever you need to elevate your impact. You’re officially ready to captivate – and convert – customers like never before.

Hero and spot illustrations transform wasted space into new opportunities to highlight your best content, connect with your target audience, and inject the unique spirit of your LA brand into your marketing, communications, and sales.
Captivating hero and spot illustration design service in Los Angeles

Our custom illustrations help Los Angeles businesses hop ahead of the herd

We know how hard it can be to stand out in a city like Los Angeles. That’s why we invest unmatched creativity, effort, and enthusiasm into every custom illustration we create. We ensure our LA partners’ new digital assets elevate your website’s usability, enhance its emotional appeal, and optimize its impact on both desktop and mobile devices.

Unique and contemporary spot illustration design service in LA
Beautiful 3d isometric hero illustration in LA

With our LA hero and spot illustration services, you get the complete package


You deserve hero and spot illustrations that are 100% you-nique! Our illustrations are crafted with your brand, goals, and vision in mind. We’re hopping mad about creating one-of–a-kind hero and spot artwork.


Business moves fast in Los Angeles. That’s why we create striking hero and spot illustrations that hop off the page and into your target audiences’ memories, making it easier than ever to stay top-of-mind.


We pride ourselves on packing as much personality into our partners’ spot and hero illustrations as possible. Our team creates one-of-a-kind hero and spot designs that capture the essence of your LA brand.


We’ve hopped around the block a time or two. Our years of service have equipped our team with the experience, expertise, and insight LA businesses need to leave their competition in the rearview.


We know what it takes to stand out in a competitive market like Los Angeles. Every White Rabbit hero and spot illustration is designed from the first dash to the final touches to steal your customers’ attention.


Our hero and spot illustrations transform complex messaging into digestible visuals, making connecting with your brand easy, convenient, and fun. It’s the perfect tool for engaging and educating customers.

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