Character and mascot design

A brand mascot or company character puts a friendly face on your business that engages your customers on an emotional level that builds familiarity, trust, and loyalty. Our premium character and mascot design service has been leveraged by countless LA businesses to build un-bun-lievable brands that do their selling for them.

White Rabbit mascot and character design service in LA
Creative and cute character and mascot design in LA

Why use a mascot or character?

Mascots and company characters captivate customers on a level other branding channels just can’t match. Mascots and characters make fun, engaging, personal connections with your ideal customers that elevates your brand far above the hustle-and-bustle of LA’s hyper-competitive business landscape.

We use the power of strategic, goal-oriented design to create custom characters and mascots that bring your brand messaging to life. Our modern mascots and charming characters empower your LA organization to supercharge customer engagement and add an edge to your sales and marketing campaigns that push you head-and-ears above of your competition.


Custom brand character design in LA
Powerful character and mascot design puts a friendly, recognizable face on LA brands customers can grow to trust and love.

Our mascot and character design process

  • Creating a character mascot design that authentically represents your business requires an in-depth understanding of your brand persona, industry, offer, business goals, and target audience. Our industry-leading discovery process arms our illustrators with everything they need to create characters and mascots that breathe life into your core messaging.

  • Stand back! This is when our world-class illustrators speed off to the races. Our team of innovative, creative, and passionate artists will use the insights we gathered during the discovery process to begin creating character and mascot concepts that capture your brand, connect to your products and services, and highlight company culture.

  • Once we’ve crafted a concept that has hops, we’ll present it to you to review. We’ll integrate any feedback, suggestions, or insights you share with us to polish and perfect our design until it shines like 24-carrot gold.

  • After we’ve earned the “all clear” from you on your final character or mascot design, we’ll send a fluffle of files hopping to your inbox. These high-resolution files cover every format you need to begin captivating and capturing customers wherever they find you.

Breathe life into your creative projects in Los Angeles

We’ve helped everyone from authors to video game developers bring their favorite fictional characters to life with an accurate, detail-oriented design. Our expert character and mascot design specialists will ask questions and lend you their oversized ears for as long as it takes to gain a thorough understanding of the motivations, quirks, and style that makes your creative character a Los Angeles original.

Adorable bear mascot design for LA brand
Clean, modern and tailored character design services in LA

Conjuring concepts: as easy as pulling a rabbit out of a hat

The right character or mascot concept can grow into the hare-t and soul of your company persona. We’ll conduct an in-depth review of your brand assets, like logos, custom fonts, color palettes, and pattern designs to ensure your new mascot aligns with the brand your customers in Los Angeles know and love, while pushing its overall impact to new heights. Our unmatched experience creating iconic mascots and characters for businesses across LA have given us the hard-earned insight you need to come up with the perfect concept to transform your brand from so-so to “Oh, woah!”

The best mascot designers in Los Angeles
The work of our highly skilled character designers in Los Angeles

You-nique characters and mascots for LA businesses

Take control of your image with a White Rabbit character mascot design. Our clean, cute, and captivating characters and mascots allow your LA business to put it’s best foot forward wherever your target audience finds you. We build bespoke character mascot designs that capture the spirit and style of your business. Whether you’re a sophisticated brokerage firm or daring creative collective, our expert designers have the talent, vision, and passion to create a character or mascot that embodies the unique ethos of your LA business.

Diverse character design in Los Angeles

With our LA mascot and character design services, you get the complete package


Our character mascot design service transforms every aspect of your unique LA brand into a living, breathing symbol that cultivates emotional connections and builds authentic relationships with your target audience.


We don’t have these big ears just because they’re cute! Clear, consistent communication is key to our success. We ask questions that help us get to the hare-t of your brand, making sure you’re in the loop from day one to day done.


Every-bunny is trying to stand out in Los Angeles – they just aren’t sure how! We make it easy to hop to the head of the pack with iconic, instantly recognizable characters and mascots that build brand recognition and customer loyalty.


We custom-build every character mascot design using our partners’ unique brand blueprints. Our character and mascot design specialists hop at the opportunity to make waves in LA with innovative, brand-building mascots.


We use minimalist design to maximize your character or mascot’s impact. Our clean, engaging, and fun character mascot designs condense complex brand messaging into a persona that resonates with your target audience.


We’ll send you a high-resolution file-pile that includes every format you’ll need to introduce your new character mascot design to Los Angeles and the world! You’ll have limitless print and digital potential in your paws, ready for action.

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