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Icons aren’t just what our Moms call us – they’re also powerful tools for transforming multi-faceted, complex messages into accessible, intuitive eye candy that do your talking for you. Sleek, head-turning icon graphic design is a cheat-code for connecting with your ideal customers and leaving your competitors chasing your tail.

White Rabbit icon design service in LA
Modern, flat and professional icon graphic design in Los Angeles
A clean, compelling icon graphic design catches eyes, sparks interest, and plants its flag in your target customers’ top-of-mind. We help LA brands reach out and engage their ideal customers with a glance with icon design that’s…well, iconic!
Clean icon design suite for Los Angels companies

How will an icon graphic design grow my business?

A powerful icon is the perfect lynchpin for a winning Los Angeles brand. Icons are graphical illustrations that capture the essence of actions, ideas, and concepts that are easier to show, than tell. Icons are also perfect tools for improving engagement, user experience (UX), and conversions on competitive channels like mobile applications. White Rabbit icons are designed to engage your target audience in a flash and provide crucial brand touch-points that build brand recognition, customer loyalty, and your LA company’s professional credibility. We create icons that streamline your customer’s buying journey by communicating complex messages in a flash.


Unique custom icon design created by White Rabbit
Modern brand icon design in grid format
Compelling branded icon design in LA

Our icon design process

  • We start every White Rabbit icon graphic design project without our tried-and-true discovery process. This phase allows our illustrators to gain a clear understanding of what makes your LA business hop, from your brand identity and business goals to your target audience, fiercest competitors, and long-term vision. This discovery process lays the groundwork for the entire project by providing the insight we need to create icons that authentically represent your LA company.

  • Once we’ve dialed in your brand persona, we’ll dive ears-first into designing your new icons. Our world-class illustrators excel at generating creative concepts that can be polished, refined, and brought to life in a style that captures the spirit of your LA brand. We’ll fine-tune every aspect of your icons to ensure your new assets interest your target audience, promote your brand, and streamline your sales.

  • After we’ve transformed your exciting icon design concepts into intriguing prototypes, we’ll present them to you to review and provide ideas, insights, and suggestions that help us take our icon graphic design to the next level. After all, no-bunny knows your Los Angeles business like you!you’re completely satisfied with the final artwork.

  • After we’ve earned the “all clear” from you, all that remains to check off our to-do list is getting your new icons into your paws! We’ll share high-resolution files of your new digital assets that empower you to embed them almost anywhere effortlessly.

Icons vs. logos: Not exactly to-may-to vs. to-mah-to

While both graphic assets play pivotal roles in building brands, capturing customers, and driving sales, icons and logos ultimately fill different niches.

Logos are great for presenting a polished, professional image that represents the values, goals, and vision of your LA company. Icons, on the other hand, exist to supercharge your branding, marketing, and sales assets by enhancing user interfaces, providing friendly guidance, and supporting streamlined website and mobile app navigation. (If you ask us, getting both is the way to go for hare-raising results!)

The work of our app icon design for a company in Los Angeles

Meet our expert icon design bunnies

Packing thousand-word messages into a small, straightforward illustration is tough work that requires skilled hands and steady ears. Fortunately, we’ve got both by the bunches here at White Rabbit!

We’ve created game-changing icons for Los Angeles businesses everywhere, from the Valley to South Bay. Our team of innovative icon designers are experts at turning ideas into illustrations and illustrations into impacts. Like every White Rabbit asset, our icon illustrations are created from scratch to capture and elevate the spirit of your unique LA brand.

Monoline with organic shape icon graphic design

With our LA icon design services, you get the complete package


Eye-catching eye-cons (er, wait…we meant icons!) make your products and services as appealing to your ideal customers as carrots are to us! We craft aesthetic icon graphic designs that propel your target audience through every step of your sales funnel.


User experience reigns supreme in our modern business landscape. Our icons help you guide potential customers through your website, mobile app, and sales collateral, increasing the effectiveness, engagement, and efficiency of your customer journey.


After your icon hits chef’s-kiss status, we’ll send it hopping your way in a suite of high-resolution files. Your new batch of files will be organized for both print and digital collateral and cover every possible format you could ever require for your brand and marketing materials.


Our captivating icons are meticulously designed to drive action. Whether you want to engage, educate, assist, or convert potential customers, we have the industry insight and sales know-how to fine-tune your icon illustrations to make it happen with style.


We’ve created icons for a diverse array of LA’s hottest businesses. Regardless of the obstacles you need to overcome or the goals you’re pursuing, rest assured we have the hard-earned experience and expertise needed to generate show-stopping icons.


Presenting an image of professionalism builds the credibility and trust your target audience in Los Angeles needs to take a chance on your product or service. Put your best paw forward with a White Rabbit icon that educates, engages, and delights your customers.

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