Designing a creative 8 logo design

Green appearance of a coffee logo consisting of beans as the icon

Developing a new brew of logo and minimal coffee bag packaging

Eighth Continent Coffee is coffee company that is making waves with its distinctive sustainable offerings and unique flavors that are captivating customers worldwide. The company is named Eighth Continent Coffee due to its unique distinction, derived from the fact that its premium coffee beans undergo meticulous roasting within the pristine confines of the eighth continent of Zealandia. As their beans are batch-roasted in New Zealand, they were after a logo and coffee bag packaging design to reflect this. Our team meticulously developed a design strategy that resonated with the brand’s ambitious vision, weaving connections to the brand philosophy and name into every design element.

The logo was strategically crafted to encapsulate the essence of Eighth Continent Coffee. We chose to emphasize the letter “C,” a key component in the brand name, shaping it to form the number 8 and cleverly resemble coffee beans. This dual representation not only embodied the brand’s name but also conveyed a sense of forward momentum and new horizons. To enhance the creative 8 logo design, we opted for a serif font. In the horizontal version, we selected a smaller sans serif typeface for the word “coffee,” directing focus to the core concept. The color palette, inspired by earthy tones, seamlessly conveyed the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The coffee bag packaging design featured a map-inspired pattern that artistically depicted the topography of Zealandia, the eighth continent. This intricate mapping is tied to the brand’s identity, as Zealandia represents the physical and philosophical foundation of Eighth Continent Coffee’s journey. We selected an eco-friendly stock for the minimal coffee bag design and added a forest green wraparound sleeve to showcase the coffee’s unique tasting notes.

Icon resembling coffee beans purposed for a logo design
Coffee colorway applied to a creative logo design
Brandmark designed as a coffee been for a coffee company
Round coasters in a neutral palette promoting a coffee brand
Green and brown packaging design for coffee bags in los angeles
Illustration of New Zealand in a topographic style for packaging design in LA

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