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Best wordmark logo design for a candy company
Best food packaging design for candy poured into a clear cup with monster illustrations and unique logo

A sweet adventure to creating a candy wordmark logo design

CuppaCandy is a company with a delicious mission: to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings of all. They embarked on a journey to promote their enticing array of candy and cookie products and sought our expertise in crafting a distinctive logo and packaging design that would make them stand out prominently on grocery store shelves. This was an exciting project revolving around crafting a logo, creating monster character illustrations, and designing a confectionary cup packaging design. Embracing a playful approach, we aimed to create a design that would truly pop on packaging and promotional materials. To achieve this, we chose the versatile Cooper Black font, arranging its curved letters to fill the space and capture attention for the candy wordmark logo design. This was then carried across to its sister brand, CuppaCookie. Each has its own palette to resemble the candy and cookie product.

After finalizing the candy wordmark logo design, our focus shifted to designing the confectionary cup packaging design. We created monster character illustrations to place on the packaging, infusing the brand with a lively spirit that would resonate with customers. Bringing this vision to life, we printed these cheerful monsters onto transparent cups. The wide grins of the monsters added an endearing touch, offering a glimpse into the delectable treats concealed within.

Logo designed for candy packaging in wordmark treatment
Custom illustration design of a green monster with its mouth open
Silly illustration of a purple monster with its mouth open on a pink background
Confectionery cups with the best creative packaging for candy
Unique candy logo designed for creative packaging for cookies
Cute pink monster character illustration with its mouth open
Yellow characters in the form of an illustrated monster
Best clear cup packaging with logo and monsters cut out at the mouth to act as a window for a candy and cookie company

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