Shining a sweet spotlight on a local charity

Row of chocolate bars with vibrant packaging design for a not for profit

Positivity unleashed with candy bar packaging design, puppy calendar and posters

Blind Low Vision, an organization dedicated to serving the visually impaired community, enlisted our team’s expertise in crafting packaging design, a calendar, and poster. Our mission was to create designs that embrace inclusivity, captivate engagement, and resonate with the organization’s purpose.

For the candy bar packaging, we took inspiration from the original Wonka Bar featured in the classic film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (1971). Using typography, a clean layout, and a vibrant color palette, we infused a sense of fun and engagement into the design. The brand’s signature orange served as the background color, exuding energy and enthusiasm while paying homage to the brand identity. Braille was thoughtfully incorporated, ensuring accessibility for those with low vision.

As part of a fundraising campaign, we embarked on designing a puppy calendar design. To infuse playfulness and a lighthearted spirit, we playfully positioned dogs and puppies against comical backgrounds. The design prioritizes legibility with prominent and readable text. We also crafted a mental wellness poster design to foster a positive mindset among staff members. Typography took center stage, symbolizing thought patterns, while brand colors and fonts contributed to a modern yet timeless poster design, ideally suited for display within office walls.

With each design, our design agency strived not only to convey the essence of Blind Low Vision but also to amplify their message with creativity and compassion. Through these designs, we aimed to connect, uplift, and make a positive impact.


Candy bar wrappers standing up showcasing orange and psychedelic elements for a charity supporting people with low vision
Stacks of an orange chocolate bar packaging design on a purple background
Puppy calendar featuring a dog on a beach for a charity organisation
Calendar design for a charity company supporting people with low vision
Cover of a fun calendar designed for a charity featuring dogs lying down
Large posters featuring typography promoting mental health
Poster featuring white and orange features to promote good mental health

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