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The future of small business has gone digital. We’re here to help you follow suit with a powerful digital debut that takes your impact, influence, and reach from local to global. We create small business web designs that put your brand on the world stage and shine a spotlight on your products and services that will help you go from hometown hero to household name.

White Rabbit small business website design in LA
An example of a small business web design we worked on
White Rabbit is the go-to agency for small businesses in Los Angeles that want to take things to the next level. We’ve created professional, engaging, and immersive websites for small companies from San Fernando to San Pedro.

Small business web design in LA

Businesses in every industry are going digital, and for a good reason. An ever-growing majority of consumers have traded in brick-and-store shopping for cruising the web and clicking “add to cart” from the comfort of their homes, offices, and everywhere in between. That’s why building a formidable digital presence is a prerequisite for success for small businesses in Los Angeles and around the globe. Fortunately, you’ve found the perfect partners for the job. We’ve helped countless small businesses across LA modernize their operations and supercharge their success with powerful web design.

Small business web design in Los Angeles

Check out some of our recent small business web design work

Flat treatment of a cyber security home page website with a sleek look and feel


Modern home page for a property development website displayed on a laptop screen

MTK Capital

Website homepage design with orange and green for a cultural company

F’INE Pasifika Aotearoa Trust

Modern finance and mortgage services website design


Gradient homepage design with modern type

See Thru Digital

Architectural firm website design displayed on a laptop

Sublime Architecture

Our small business web design process

  • We begin every White Rabbit project with our trademark discovery process. This introductory phase is all about getting to know your business, brand, industry, and audience. We’ll walk you through a series of strategic questions that equip our designers and developers with the insight they need to create a one-of-a-kind website that hops off the screen.

  • Our world-class designers will explore color palettes, typography options, page layouts, and navigational features to uncover the perfect combination to capture the spirit of your brand, connect with your customers, and compel them to click “buy now.”

  • Once our designers have dreamt up the perfect small business web design, they’ll paw it off to our world-class development team, who will begin bringing it to life. Our technical experts infuse our top-tier small business web designs with intuitive, user-centric features that optimize your customer journey and streamline sales.

  • Woohoo! The finish line is just a hop, a skip, and a jump away! We’ll prep our servers, adjust your domain settings, and stress-test your site one last time before hopping on the big red “Go Live” button that will introduce your LA small business to the world.

A striking small business web design in LA, California

Form and function is our middle name

Weird name, right? But it’s really helped us when it comes to creating cutting-edge small business web designs for our partners in Los Angeles!

When you partner with White Rabbit, you add full-blown creative and web development departments to your team. That means you’ll pack a one-two punch of show-stopping visuals and intuitive, engaging user-experience optimizations. Your customers will be lured in by your website’s clean, compelling design and find themselves happily hopping through your sales funnel and into your customer base.

We also build every White Rabbit small business web design to look and perform at full-throttle on a variety of devices, like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Your site will be ready to capture customers no matter how they find you.

A small business web design project we worked on in LA

We hop to the beat of our own drum

We don’t believe in blending in with the crowd. We pride ourselves on creating small business web designs that hop off the screen and ahead of the pack.

We build every White Rabbit small business web design from the ground up, using the insights we gained during our industry-leading discovery process to create bespoke sites that authentically represent our partners’ one-of-a-kind brands and offers. We burrow deep into the heart of what makes your company stand head-and-ears above your competition to create a unique online presence that reaches out and grabs your target audience’s attention.

The right small business web design can transform your small business overnight. Make the most of your digital debut by partnering with LA’s leading business website design agency.

A sleek black and white website design we worked on for a small LA business
A small business web design company project in LA, displayed on a mobile device

Leave the details to us

The idea of building your own website can be daunting. That’s why we’re proud to offer small businesses an accessible, affordable entry point to the online market. We’ll handle the heavy lifting of bringing your site to life, and leave you to do what you do best – run your LA business.

You’ve got plenty of carrots on your plate as a small business owner. Lettuce handle everything from creating visual concepts that stop scrollers in their tracks to developing a frictionless user experience that turns curiosity into conversions.

We provide a full-service experience. We’ll use the inspiration we gain from our discovery process to handle everything from finding the perfect color palette to capture your style to ensuring your back-end functionality stays in tip-hop shape. We even offer high-speed, cost-effective hosting services for small business owners that want 24/7 peace of mind.

When you partner with White Rabbit, you’re partnering with a premium design agency that will be there for you every hop of the way.

With our LA small business web design services, you get the complete package


We’re here to make growing your business quicker, easier, and cheaper. That’s why our intuitive, easy-to-edit websites are built on user-friendly content management systems (CMS) that allow you to edit and update your site with convenient code-free tools.


User-friendliness and accessibility is the key to a powerful online presence. Our design and development bunnies carefully craft every aspect of your small business website to create seamless user experiences that send visitors hopping down your sales funnel.


Innovative design is the heart of our agency. We hop at the chance to explore page layouts, color schemes, typography options, and a host of additional design elements that will combine to create a show-stopping experience for your website visitors.


Our developers use cutting-edge practices in responsible web design to ensure your new website will seamlessly adapt to a variety of screen sizes and devices. You’ll be able to capture customers and drive sales from smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more.


Speed is second-nature at White Rabbit. Our high-speed servers create silky-smooth user experiences and lightning-quick load times, keeping your visitors on the hook and diving deeper down your digital rabbit hole, where every click, scroll, and interaction is seamless.


We design with your business goals in mind. That’s why our small business websites are packed with dazzling visuals, compelling calls to action, and ingenious design strategies that help drive leads, sign-ups, and sales at every opportunity that comes your way.

Your digital glow-up is here

We know how valuable an online presence is for businesses. You know how valuable an online presence is for businesses. Let’s work together to help you toss your digital hat in the ring and start scaling your brand recognition, customer base, and revenue like never before.

We understand the unique challenges of running a small business (heck, our burrow isn’t so big itself now that we look around…) and pride ourselves on offering a value-packed service at a price mom-and-pops across Los Angeles will love. We provide stress-free service for small businesses that allows founders, leaders, and decision-makers to stay in the game while we handle the heavy lifting of getting your new site up and running.

We’ll pack your site with everything it needs to shine like 24-carrot gold. Eye-catching visuals, modern, responsive user optimizations, and Google-friendly search optimizations that help you hop to the top of the search rankings. If you’ve been looking for the best bang for your bunny, you’ve found the pur-fect partners for your new small business website design.

An eye-catching blue and white small business website design

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