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White Rabbit specializes in creating captivating, jaw-dropping illustration designs that empower our partners in LA to connect, communicate, and convert their target audiences.

We offer convenient illustration packages that provide everything from icon design to creating a comprehensive brand illustration style your marketing and branding teams can leverage for years. White Rabbit has created show-stopping illustration designs for SoCal businesses ranging from Westside LA to Beverly Hills.

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Modern illustration design in LA

Custom illustration services

You deserve brand illustrations as unique as your company. Don’t settle for overused, uninspired stock images your customers will forget the moment they click away from your page. Catch – and keep – your customers’ attention with dazzling illustrations that breathe new life into your Los Angeles business.

Our illustrative designs generate interest, provoke responses, and rattle around in your customers’ minds long after interacting with your brand. Our world-class graphic illustrators are experts at adapting their unique styles to our LA customers’ unique brand personas to create compelling designs that stand out from the crowd.

Struggling to find direction for your brand’s design? Perfect! Our hop-notch illustration designers are bursting with ideas to help our partners revolutionize their marketing, branding, and sales.


Clean monoline icon design in Los Angeles
White Rabbit transforms our partners' visions into tangible assets that help them tell their stories, grow their brands, and authentically connect with their customers. Our tried-and-true illustration process was designed from the ground up with a single purpose - making your business stronger.

Illustrations in LA that shine like 24 carrots

Our illustrations don’t blend into the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. They cut through the chaos, stand out from the crowd, and hop away with your customers’ interest, attention, and curiosity.

Our talented artists specialize in a wide range of artistic styles, allowing us to tailor our designs to every company’s tastes, styles, and goals. Whether you need a modern geometric-inspired infographic for your cutting-edge LA tech company or a classic, hand-drawn illustration that captures the spirit of your law firm, our artists have the talent, passion, and innovative mindsets to exceed your expectations.

An average picture might say a thousand words – but our illustrations tell your entire brand story. We help brands and businesses in Los Angeles break down complex ideas, values, and visions into intuitive and accessible graphics that say more about your brand than an elevator pitch ever could.

The work of our expert graphic illustrators
A creative character illustration project by our graphic illustrators in LA

Check out some of our recent illustration work

Gold and black coffee illustrations designed for takeaway cup packaging

Altura Coffee

Custom illustration design of a green monster with its mouth open


Website illustrations of birds writing letters to go into a mailbox


Line style illustration of the map of nz

Eighth Continent Coffee

Illustration of construction workers for a business app


Taco illustration for a TV show poster based in Los Angeles

Fuller House

Our illustration process

  • We start every project with an in-depth discovery process. We’ll ask a lot of questions (and write even more notes) that help us gain an actionable understanding of your LA business, brand, goals, and target audience. These insights into the spirit of your company are essential for creating illustration concepts that capture your organization’s unique ethos.

  • Now, the fun part! Our talented illustrators in Los Angeles will crank their creativity up to 10 and start generating exciting concepts in a variety of styles. We’ll explore color palettes, experiment with stylistic inspirations, and pour our passion into bringing the perfect pencil sketch or graphic design concept to life.

  • Once we’ve polished up our favorite concept, our illustration experts will collaborate with you to present, review, and gain invaluable feedback on your new design. We’ll polish up your piece using pointers or suggestions you provide to ensure the final product exceeds your wildest expectations.

  • After we’ve earned the “all clear” from you, we’ll transform your new illustration design into a series of high-resolution, high-impact digital assets. You’ll be ready to take your favorite print and digital marketing channels in Los Angeles by storm with an engaging illustration that speaks to everyone who sees it.

The benefits of illustration in LA

There’s a reason illustration has been a cherished art form across cultures, continents, and centuries. Powerful illustrations transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, make complex stories simple, and evoke emotional responses that can be impossible to achieve in other mediums.

A high-quality illustrative design is a multi-faceted asset that can be leveraged by everyone from your sales and marketing departments to your hiring teams and public relations leaders. Whether your Los Angeles-based company needs to convey a tough-to-grasp concept instantly or connect with the people who need your products and services most, our illustrations can help.

Don’t lose the War for Attention in LA or online. Cut through the chaos with an engaging, unique, and eye-catching illustration strategically designed to stand out in a world packed with trendy “flash in the pan” designs that fail to move the needle.

High quality illustration design in LA

How illustrations boost Los Angeles businesses

Businesses have used illustration to market their services, attract customers, and build a reputation since – well, always!

Illustrations are an inclusive, accessible, and effective way to enhance business assets ranging from infographics and mascot design to product packaging and icon design.

Whether you need an efficient, high-impact asset to set the tone for your business’ brand, break down complex concepts, services, or information, or stay top-of-mind with your most important customers, a White Rabbit illustration is the answer.

Our unmatched expertise, artistry, and commitment to our client’s success make us the perfect partner for your LA brand. Our illustrators are experts at driving business objectives through art and masterfully balance creativity with clear-eyed business acumen to ensure their designs are as impactful as they are engaging.

The best graphic illustrators in LA

With our LA illustration services, you get the complete package


White Rabbit isn’t another boring, dry design firm. We thrive on creativity and enthusiastically hop at the opportunity to inject charisma, class, and occasionally a touch of comedy to create illustration designs that have as much personality as your LA company.


We believe successfully mixing art and business hinges on communication. Before our design bunnies are off to the races, we’ll take you through a low-stress discovery process that empowers our team to bring your unique brand voice and persona to life.


High-quality illustrations are as rare as they are powerful. We get that illustration can be the visual language that speaks volumes about your brand, so we go all in. Unleash our creative juices and technical know-how, and let us help your company steal the show.


Cookie-cutter has become far too common across the business landscape. Every White Rabbit illustration is far from one-size-fits-all. Instead, we customize each artwork to our client’s unique styles, values, and goals. So, you can authentically represent your brand.


Try to remember the last business illustration you saw. Can’t do it? Then it wasn’t a White Rabbit illustration! Our illustration design team knows what it takes to catch – and keep – your customers’ attention, ensuring your message is seen and remembered.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a White Rabbit illustration is worth ten thousand. We help companies in Los Angeles simplify complex ideas, concepts, charts, diagrams, and data sets to communicate with their audience clearly and compellingly.

Illustration services

Illustration design in LA, hero and spot illustration service

Capture and package your unique brand identity for your valuable customers with our fun, personalized hero + spot illustration designs.

Illustration design in LA, icon design service

The right icon can become – iconic! Let us dive into your brand and create an icon illustration that catches the eyes in Los Angeles and beyond!

Illustration design in LA, infographics service

We’re here to help you demystify complex ideas with our expertly crafted, engaging, accessible, and impactful infographics, tailored to your needs.

Illustration design in LA, pattern design service

Surface pattern illustrations enhance your branded materials’ impact, value, and legitimacy. Our pattern designers do it all, from business cards to websites.

Illustration design in LA, character and mascot design service

Mascots and characters are one of the best ways LA businesses can breathe life into their brand. We design memorable, lovable mascots everyone will love.

Illustration design in LA, 3D house rendering service

Our illustrators are rendering experts too! We’ve created high-quality 3D renders for residential and commercial properties from Auckland to Oakland.