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Have you been looking for a sign to take your branding and marketing to the next level? Well, here it is! We create vivid, striking signage that stops our partners’ target audience in their tracks and compels them to learn more about your upcoming LA event, film, TV premiere, or business.

White Rabbit signage design service in LA
Sleek 3d letter signage in LA

Sign design that’s mighty fine

For centuries, exciting, eye-catching signage has been leveraged by LA businesses to stand out from their competitors, capture customers’ fickle attention, and drive sales. And despite the rapid digitization of our world, well-designed business signs continue to play a pivotal role in building brands, supporting growth, and boosting sales campaigns in Los Angeles and beyond.

We craft custom signs designed to take your business further, faster. Our winning combination of cutting-edge design strategies, top-tier technical skills, and world-class artistry empowers us to create signage that transforms our partners’ dreams into realities they can hold in their paws.

Our commitment to being Los Angeles’ leading comprehensive design agency means we’ll even print your new signage using premium materials and state-of-the-art printing technology, ensuring your final product is as impressive in person as it is online.


  • Pull-up banners
  • Flags
  • Footpath signs
  • Building signage
  • Billboards
  • Neons
  • Decals
  • Window graphics
High quality, modern real estate sign design and printing in LA
Elegant and premium black and white signage design
Sleek, sophisticated signage sends a message. It puts your credibility, professionalism, and commitment to your brand’s success front-and-center, helping you win customers, trust, and conversions.
Decal signage for beauty company window in LA

Check out some of our recent sign design work

Sleek signage attached to a grey brick wall showing a black and white finance company logo


Lightbox signage displaying a face logo for an electrical company

Cascade Electrical

Bespoke sign design for window decals in LA



Glass signage displaying a clean logo for an environmental company


Modern and clean laundromat menu board design

The Laundry Basket

Our LA signage design process

  • We kick-off every project with our trademark discovery process. This introductory phase is all about getting to know your unique Los Angeles brand and business. We’ll dive deep into your brand persona, business goals, and target audience to ensure every aspect of your sign or banner design aligns with your brand and sends a clear message to your customers.

  • After we’ve wrapped our discovery process, we’ll use the insights gained to direct our signage designers’ world-class creativity. We’ll build your new sign design from scratch, from a simple pencil-drawn concept to an exciting, multi-faceted design that perfectly aligns with your brand and company culture. We’ll ensure the style, typography, color palette, and layout of your new sign design captures customers’ eyes and sends them hopping down your sales funnel.

  • After we’ve dialed in on a design that gets us hopping, we’ll present it to you to review and provide feedback. We believe collaborating with our clients before finalizing designs gives our assets an edge in authenticity that pushes our partners to the front of the herd.

  • After you’ve given us the “all clear” sign, we’ll deliver your new sign in a suite of high-resolution files. This file-pile contains everything you need to make the most out of your new sign design, allowing you to start captivating your customers from the moment it lands in your inbox.

All signs point toward success with White Rabbit

Our deep experience creating awareness and sales-driving signage for LA businesses means we can take on any signage project, big or small. Whether you want to build a buzz with a visual-heavy sign or engage and educate your target audience with a strategically-built banner, our unique blend of technical expertise, artistic ability, and sales-oriented philosophy guarantees your final product will exceed your wildest expectations.

Contemporary custom lightbox signage design in Los Angeles

Build your LA brand with breathtaking banners

If you want to draw a crowd at your business or event, you need a White Rabbit banner. We design vibrant, head-turning banners that make your ideal customers do a double-take and come hopping over to learn more. Make an immediate impression your target audience won’t soon forget with our one-of-a-kind banner designs.

Retractable banner sign design and print in LA

We don’t joke about bespoke

“One-size-fits-all” isn’t how we get down at White Rabbit. We believe every sign design project represents an opportunity to push the envelope, make an impact, and help our clients reach the next level of success. That’s why we insist on building every design from scratch, guided by the unique persona, goals, and vision of your LA brand or business.

Our industry-leading discovery process provides a valuable “look under the hood” our expert designers use to direct their creativity, enthusiasm, and efforts. Partnering with White Rabbit guarantees custom-built designs, from concept ideation to design finalization.

Premium, eye-catching and durable footpath signs in LA

We’re Los Angeles’ top one-hop design shop!

We may be sign and banner experts, but don’t take us for a bunch of one-trick bunnies. White Rabbit is a comprehensive, full-service print and digital design agency that creates everything from sleek, high-speed websites to business cards for our clients in Los Angeles.

Our suite of services provides unmatched value and convenience. Our clients know they can turn to us for their brand-building and revenue-driving design collateral. We’ve got you covered if you want to amp up your online presence with an engaging eCommerce storefront or stake your claim with world-class signage.

Bespoke interior building 3d letter sign by our LA signage designers

With our LA signage design services, you get the complete package


White Rabbit’s sign and banner designs aren’t just marketing collateral – they’re sales assets too! We strategically craft every sign or banner to help our Los Angeles partners cultivate authentic connections with their audience that sends sales soaring to new heights.


A well-crafted and thoughtfully designed sign sends a strong message about the credibility and professionalism of your Los Angeles company. It also sets the tone for how your ideal customers and toughest competitors will think of and engage with your brand.


Innovative design is the heartbeat that fuels our creative engine here at White Rabbit. We approach every sign design project with a mission to create groundbreaking, engaging visuals that share our partners’ most pressing messages in just a single glance.


A killer sign or eye-catching banner won’t do much good if you can’t get it in front of your customers. We offer a wide variety of modern signs and banners optimized for hitting the road and taking their impact wherever your pop-ups, trade shows, or markets take you.


We pour our hare-t and soul into building stand-out LA signage that is as unique as the companies and brands we team up with. Our industry-leading discovery process empowers our designers to create signage that’s right on the bunny, every single time.


Our expert design bunnies intentionally craft every aspect of your sign to capture your unique LA brand identity. We masterfully combine color, typography, layout, and copy to create signage that pushes our partners’ brands to the front of the herd.

How powerful signage drives sales for LA brands

Investing in high-quality signage is one of the quickest paths to brand recognition for Los Angeles businesses. Striking signage shakes your target audience out of their day-to-day routines, perks up their ears, and builds awareness and interest your sales team can turn into conversions.

The unmatched visibility, old-school simplicity, and undeniable impact well-designed signage have on your ideal customers combine to create an invaluable brand-building asset.

Don’t miss out on a golden (24-Carrot, baby!) opportunity to build your brand, connect with your customers, and drive sales with White Rabbit’s industry-leading banner and signage design. Give us a ring and put a new hop in your Los Angeles businesses step.

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