Brewing the perfect flavor for a coffee cup design

Person holding a takeaway coffee cup with packaging design

Crafting the best coffee cup design and illustration

Altura Coffee stands as an esteemed coffee brand originating from New Zealand and acclaimed internationally through its network of global retailers. In honor of their 30-year journey, we were privileged to be chosen by Altura Coffee to craft the best coffee cup design, one that encapsulates the very essence of their success story.

To achieve this, we produced a series of illustrations. Each takeout coffee illustration tells a story – a mountain illustration signifies the high-altitude coffee beans sourced, while another honors the brand’s award winning success. The custom coffee cup illustrations are placed in organized boxes on the cup in a grid pattern. This style keeps a classy look while showing Altura Coffee’s journey over 30 years, leading up to its success today. The design also includes the brand’s logo to connect it with its origins. Radiant hues of oranges and browns form a seamless color palette, harmonizing eloquently with the coffee theme.

The overall packaging design of the coffee cups embody Altura Coffee’s 30-year voyage, inviting customers to partake in the celebration. A blend of artistic representation and brand narrative, the best coffee cup design serves as a testament to Altura’s past, present, and future.

Creative icon design process for a custom takeout coffee cup
Grid layout of unique illustrations in black and gold for a coffee company
Dark grid mode of unique illustrations in gold for a coffee company
Takeaway coffee cups with custom icon designs
Custom pattern design on a white takeaway coffee cup
custom design displayed on a black takeaway coffee cup with illustrations

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