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Looking to bring your property development dreams in Los Angeles to life? Look no further than White Rabbit’s top-of-the-line 3D rendering services. Our 3D house rendering experts specialize in transforming complex blueprints and challenging concepts into stunning visual models that make planning, building, and selling commercial and residential properties in LA smooth, seamless, and successful.

White Rabbit 3d house render design service in LA
3D house rendering with realistic lighting and shadows
High quality 3d house rendering in LA

What is a 3D house render?

A 3D house rendering is a computer-generated model of your architectural designs that perfectly capture every nook, cranny, detail, and doorknob. 3D house renders empower builders and buyers in Los Angeles to experience the unique features, benefits, and charm of a property before you’ve ever broken ground or stepped foot on the property.

Our cutting-edge 3D rendering technology will create stunning high-definition models that capture every aspect of your LA properties and real estate projects, allowing you to present your property portfolio to clients and investors with confidence.

So why settle for a traditional, two-dimensional rendering when you can leverage a three-dimensional masterpiece for your next property investment or development project in Los Angeles. Contact us today!

Interior render of a new house with realistic furniture
Interior house rendering of modern bedroom in LA

White Rabbit can help you make your dream burrow a reality

Whether you’re an LA property developer pre-selling your next subdivision, a real estate firm interested in showcasing your portfolio, or a professional architect eager to modernize your design presentation, we can help. Our 3D renders create immersive experiences that bring your properties to life, empowering you to sell faster and push ROI to new heights.

Our 3D house rendering specialists have created jaw-dropping, immersive models for developers, real estate firms and agents, and architects across LA, using everything from simple sketches to site plans and CAD drawings. No matter where you are in your architectural design process, our graphic designers, developers, and rendering experts can help you take things to the next level.


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Our 3D house rendering process

  • We start every White Rabbit rendering project with our trademark discovery process. We’ll ask a lot of questions, check out reference materials, and use our extra-long ears to soak up everything that makes your Los Angeles design unique.

  • Our render specialists will transform your 2D plans into an immersive 3D experience. We’ll include attractive colors, seamless textures, and authentic lighting and staging effects to express your unique properties in photo-realistic detail.

  • After we’ve crafted your rendering, we’ll present it to you for feedback. We’ll work closely with you to identify edits and review revisions to ensure the final product exceeds every expectation.

  • After we’ve polished and perfected your new 3D rendering, we’ll send you every high-resolution file you’ll need to maximize the value of your Los Angeles property portfolio and development projects.

At White Rabbit, we know no two projects, properties, or clients are the same. That's why we never rely on one-size-fits-all solutions. We're proud to create customized solutions as unique as our partners' challenges in LA.
Beautiful 3d rendering of outdoor space with pool in LA

With our LA 3D house rendering services, you get the complete package


Impress investors and bring buyers on board with immersive 3D renders that make sharing your vision as easy as pressing “send.” Our 3D house renders do your selling for you!


At White Rabbit, we create 3D renders that are as flawless as the high-end offices, museums, developments, and apartment complexes they represent. We’ll never settle for anything less.


Transport investors to your property’s doorstep with 3D renders that provide a photo-realistic model of your properties, including true-to-life lighting, textures, shadows, colors, and more.


At White Rabbit, we create custom renders that wow investors with your meticulous attention to detail and make them feel like they’re taking an in-person tour of your top LA properties.


In LA’s competitive real estate market, powerful marketing is a must. Our high-quality 3D renders turn boring blueprints and stiff site plans into striking, visually stimulating collateral.


We believe inspiration fuels inspiration. That’s why we’re passionate about providing top-tier communication with every White Rabbit client. From beginning to end, we’re here for you!

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