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Poster design with quotes from the Fuller House tv show in LA

Designing posters full of tv show quotes in Los Angeles

Fuller House, an original Netflix TV series, serves as a revival of the cherished show Full House that graced screens from 1987 to 1995. The initial series bestowed the world with memorable catchphrases that devoted fans still fondly recall and integrate into their modern language. With its resurgence, Fuller House introduced a fresh array of quotes and catchphrases that continue to captivate audiences.

We aimed to craft a vibrant Fuller House poster design with custom illustrations that resonate with fans. Incorporating streamlined, straightforward, and dynamic visuals, we crafted a unique Warner Brothers poster design that appeals to Fuller House fans eager for eye-catching wall decor. Our journey commenced with selecting a color palette that harmonizes seamlessly with the iconic Fuller House yellow logo. This palette steered us through various illustration approaches, ultimately leading to the selected style showcased in the final iteration of the infographic poster design. Typography choices supported the bespoke illustrations for a vibrant look for the LA tv show quote poster design.

For this caliber of project, thorough research was essential. We experienced a live studio audience taping—a pivotal step toward perfection. Our dedicated microsite facilitated Fuller House poster sales, accompanied by a tailored social media campaign. The TV show posters at their Los Angeles film lot also found a home on platforms like Amazon and eBay, popular for merchandise.

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