Taking construction business branding to new heights

Logo design shown on the front of a business card for a buy now pay later app company

Building a strong visual foundation for a buy now pay later app development

Billdr, a leading provider of buy now pay later solutions for the construction industry, engaged us to shape their brand identity and marketing materials. Our collaborative journey included a spectrum of services for the construction business branding, including logo design, custom app illustration, website design, and crafting engaging social media graphics.

The logo design drew inspiration from the company’s name, a creative take on “bill doctor.” The resulting logo blends an indigo-accented “dr” with a minimalist grey “bill,” capturing the essence of innovation and purpose. The unique “r” design, resembling a screen, served as the foundation for both the buy now pay later app icon and the user interface.

During our app design process, we emphasized simple design, custom app illustrations, unique icons, and a user-friendly layout. We introduced subtle animations and optimized loading times to enhance the overall user experience, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable interaction.

This visual theme was carried across to the website landing page, where the custom app illustrations seamlessly blended into the modern layout. For the email signature design, the logo was incorporated into the design ensuring a consistent brand identity. As part of our commitment to bolster Billdr’s online presence, we designed their social media graphics to promote their app. These compelling visuals harmoniously echoed the construction business branding, reinforcing Billdr’s connection with its digital audience across a diverse range of online avenues.

Logo design for payment finance solutions
Grey white and purple logo design for a construction app development business
White and violet logo placed on a purple designed for a pay later app platform
Close up view of a construction app icon with a purple gradient in a plus symbol
Custom hero illustration showing people using a buy now pay later app
Line illustrations customized for a development of an app
Custom illustrations of construction workers in a line style format
A grid of icons custom made for a buy now pay later app for construction workers
A collection of phone screens in angles displaying different screens for a buy now pay later app development platform
Purple illustrations on separate screens showcasing introduction screens for a buy now pay later app
Buy now pay later landing page design containing large blocks of purple and mockups of apps
Purple landing page design for a buy now pay later construction app
Tiles of instagram social graphics advertising a buy now pay later app with modern purple branding
Email signature displayed on an ipad featuring details for a buy now pay later company

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