Guiding Efficient's flight to a brand journey of success

Laptop showing a technology website with bird illustrations on a home page layout for a file management company

Soaring to success with file software branding

The team at Efficient, a rising file management software, approached us to craft a compelling brand story, logo, and diverse collateral that resonates with their target audience. Our mission was to develop a narrative-driven file software branding that captures attention and speaks to customers. Our journey began with intensive research and mood board creation to conceive the essence of the Efficient brand. We wanted to create a logo that resembles efficiency without being cliche. Seeking a touch of playfulness, we drew inspiration from animals that embody organizational skills, eventually settling on the bowerbird as the ideal fit. The bowerbird’s elaborate nesting ritual, specifically the Flame Bowerbird, became the brand mascot. Incorporating the Fibonacci sequence, we developed the circle bird logo design, aligning its harmony with the brand’s organized message.

We developed brand guidelines and set certain rules for the collateral to follow. The sleek business cards we designed for the brand feature rounded corners and a spot UV finish. The circle bird logo design’s yellow, orange, and black palette alongside a clean font helps produce an Avant-Garde energy with an organized touch. Transitioning to illustrations, we developed a unique style that aligns with the file software branding, intertwining playfulness and engagement. The monochromatic line art, featuring bowerbirds, enriched with shading for depth, mirrors the brand’s color scheme to embody personality.

The file organization software website design spotlighted the bowerbirds, which served as central characters, amplifying the brand’s messaging. With a monochromatic foundation, the brand’s colors stand out on the screen, and custom icons alongside a sans serif typeface give a professional look.

From the core logo, website, and illustrations, our team delved into producing a diverse range of marketing materials. This encompassed crafting a professional email signature and creating engaging social media graphics that offer organization tips and motivational messages. Additionally, we designed captivating infographics, consistently aligning with the brand’s spirit while making the content visually appealing.

Bowerbird traits for branding inspiration for print
Long shot of a bowerbird to be simplified for a brand icon for digital branding
Flame bowerbird for a document organisation software system icon
File management brand for a software inspired by the bowerbird
Logo design inspired by the flame bowerbird in a circle
Bird logo design arranged in a clever way in different color variations
Fibonacci sequence for a red black and yellow bird logo
Logo mark drawn from the flame bowerbirds in a clever way
Brand book of illustrative guidelines containing circle bird logo and text
Business cards showing spot uv effect and rounded corners in a clever layout
Line icons with red and yellow designed for a file organisation infographic
best website illustrations of birds writing letters to go into a mailbox
best website illustrations of flame bowerbirds writing letters to go into a mailbox
Different screen devices displaying illustrations and nice website homepage design for a file management tech software company
Illustration and web pages displayed on iphones for a file management software business
Angled ipad displaying a minimal layout of a blog article website page
Email signature design featuring a bird logo and call to action in red and black
Tiles designed for social media platform featuring quote with modern graphics
iPhone displaying an inspiration quote on a social media platform with nice design and colours
Infographic design for a file management software company

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