Designing a squeaky clean logo

Blue and black laundromat logo design inspired by a spiral washer
Modern logo design for a business specializing in laundromat services

A laundromat business logo design with a spin

The Laundry Basket approached us seeking a distinctive laundromat business logo design that would set them apart from local competitors. Inspired by this, we formulated an idea that mirrors the essence of the laundromat sector, using circular forms and spirals to recreate a front-loader view of a washer. This innovative washer logomark design effectively captures the company’s services. Coupled with the logomark is a professional typeface and a carefully selected color palette that aligns with the clean design.

In addition to the logo, we also crafted a laundromat menu board. Our primary focus was on creating a well-organized layout that remains easily readable from a distance, ensuring customers can quickly scan the menu options. To infuse vitality into the signage, we integrated shades of the brand’s characteristic blue color, resulting in a seamless and visually appealing appearance.


Custom company logo badge design in LA
Circle company logos printed on caps
Company footpath sign design with a modern treatment
Blue and white menu board design for a laundromat business

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