Designing a logo through the right lens

Business card with a leaf and lens logo design

Bridging tech and nature with green environmental branding

Envirolens, a technology-driven company specializing in environmental data, approached our design agency to create their logo. The environmental branding needed to achieve a visual representation of aerial imaging technology intertwined with environmental values.

To reach this goal, we developed a circular leaf pattern to symbolize a camera lens, with angled leaves to imply a sense of motion such as zooming in. This combination masterfully captures the company’s core principles and its practical approach to client solutions, while emphasizing its commitment to the environment. Our meticulous wordmark design for the green leaf and lens logo clarifies the company’s name, differentiating “Enviro” and “Lens” using distinct weights. The chosen color palette creates a dynamic visual impact, aligning with environmental hues.

The contemporary typeface chosen for the double meaning logo design underscores the company’s modern approach while subtly incorporating leaf elements, such as the “i” dot and upward flicks in the capital E. This feature enhances the logo’s connection with diverse stakeholders, from clients to decision-makers. The green leaf and lens logo’s versatility allows for seamless integration across a range of collaterals, including presentation folders and website design. This ensures a cohesive environmental branding identity, reinforcing the company’s message and values in various contexts.


Logo design inspired by leaf and lens shapes
Naturistic logo design in green and navy
Clean, modern white company stationery design
Logo for environmental company branding in a green paletting
Design of a double meaning logo on a website for an environmental company

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