Amping up electrician business branding

Logo design for an electrical business depicting a face

Sparking positive vibes with an electrical outlet logo design

Cascade Electrical, a respected electrical services provider, approached our graphic design company for a comprehensive brand transformation. Tasked with a new logo creation and roll out onto business cards, our focus was to encapsulate their customer-centered values in visual form.

With a solid 20-year track record, Cascade Electrical’s reputation hinges on trust and reliability. Our goal was to craft a company logo design that embodied their approachability, dependability, and trustworthiness. The resulting logo we designed combines functionality and friendliness. The logomark cleverly resembles an electrical socket while radiating a cheerful face. This dual interpretation aligns with their commitment to reliability and customer engagement. Set against a vibrant color palette blending bold red with deep blue, the electric outlet logo design captures attention and professionalism.

We carried across the new brand presence to the electrical expert business card design, integrating the logo on both sides. The logo takes center stage on one side against a dark backdrop, while the other side features a lighter version set against white, accompanied by clear contact details. For this project we not only reshaped Cascade Electrical’s visual identity but also solidified their ethos, enhancing electricial business branding across all touchpoints.

Face logo design similar to a switch for an electrical company
Face switch icon brandmark design for an electricity company
Back of a shirt showing a face symbolising a switch for an electrical company
Stacks of blue and red business cards for electrical experts
Lightbox signage displaying an electrical logo with red face icon as the logomark

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