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Beauty company logo design in LA

Pouring out creativity for a skincare logo design

Fontaine is a specialized company that focuses on rejuvenating aesthetic skin treatments. Our task was to craft a beauty company logo, drawing inspiration from emblems and illustrations dating back to the 1600s. The skincare logo design showcases a graceful fountain embellished with three stars, symbolizing youth. This trio of stars graces a pinnacle, signifying the remarkable transformations that the company can facilitate for its clients.

In the pursuit of an artisanal appearance, we executed classic shading techniques, using refined lines and dots in the skincare company logo. The chosen color palette encompasses earthy, neutral tones like green, gold, and beige. These hues infuse the logo with a sense of sophistication. The amalgamation of the fluid fountain, celestial stars, and hand-drawn elements creates an exclusive visual identity for the client. This identity mirrors their unwavering commitment to offering high quality care and service.

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