Excellent design for entertaining content

TV displaying design for the movie entertainment industry including animated characters for film

A ticket to fame with home entertainment collateral

Rialto Distribution stands out as a distinguished distributor specializing in theatrical film distribution, home entertainment, and various media endeavors. They reached out to our design agency seeking assistance in crafting film-related materials, encompassing TV and movie poster design, DVD slicks, and web banners. A fundamental aspect of the project was to preserve the central artwork and format of the films and shows being promoted. Our designers collaborated closely with Rialto Distribution to ensure the accurate representation of the original content in the collateral, upholding the visual integrity of the films while integrating essential promotional information.

Incorporating diverse formats like posters, DVD cover design, and web banners, our team meticulously positioned and sized the text for optimal readability upon production. Employing typography and layout techniques, we maximized legibility, ensuring that the messaging conveyed clear and coherent information to the intended audience.

Moreover, our designers directed their efforts toward crafting visual designs that captivated viewers. They skilfully balanced visual elements within home entertainment collateral, seamlessly blending imagery and branding to produce unified and compelling collateral aligned with Rialto Distribution’s brand identity.


Design of a bus stop poster advertising an action thriller movie
Web banner design showcasing an action movie
Advertisement design for a film displayed at night
Design of an animated film for home entertainment collateral on a mobile device
Dvd slick cover and disc with simple design on a green background
Web banners in a flat layout showing a modern movie
Bright poster design advertising a film for home entertainment in LA

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