Seeing the future with metaverse branding

Custom billboard design promoting a metaverse brand

Producing an innovative logo, vibrant tech website design and collateral

See Thru Digital, an innovative enterprise, uses technology to introduce properties, vessels, and assets into the Metasphere. Engaging with our design expertise, they sought a visual identity and vibrant tech website design to reflect their futuristic nature.

Meticulously crafted by our logo designers, the VR headset logo in shades of purple and orange encapsulates the essence of See Thru Digital’s offerings. The logomark artfully forms abstract waves, featuring a central circle that doubles as an eye, symbolizing the “See Thru” connection. This metaverse branding embodies the company’s commitment to immersive experiences and technological progress. A dynamic gradient palette of orange and purple elevates the VR headset logo’s impact, while comprehensive branding guidelines facilitate versatility through secondary logos. This ensures uniformity across diverse platforms.

The palette extends seamlessly to a billboard and a bright gradient exhibition stand, generating a visually commanding presence. We designed an NFC smart card as a promotional tool, fostering a memorable impact.

Translating the brand identity to the digital realm, our vibrant tech website design focuses on providing an immersive user experience in alignment with their identity. The tech-inspired website seamlessly integrates the signature gradient, immersing visitors in a futuristic environment. We also designed NFC business cards to emphasize virtual tour opportunities. This supports the brand’s interactive nature, providing a hands-on experience.


Clever eye logo design concept for tech company
Vibrant orange gradient tech logo design in Los Angeles
Branding guidelines for orange and purple tech logo
Bright design with a gradient for a NFC business card design
Logo embroidered on black cap in LA
Company metaverse logo on custom branded VR headset
Gradient and bright design for tradeshow booth exhibition
Gradient tech metaverse web design using orange and purple layout
Gradient card style tech website design for a branding project
Metaverse company website design

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