Establishing the groundwork for a website refresh

Modern home page for a property website displayed on a laptop screen

Paving the way to display projects in a property development website design

MTK Capital, a company specialising in home builds, enlisted our expertise to revitalize their online presence. Dedicated to constructing residences that resonate with local pride, they recognized the need for a contemporary uplift in their property development website design. The existing website failed to align with their values or effectively showcase their superior craftsmanship. Our primary objective was to infuse their digital facade with a renewed property website design that echoed their commitment to excellence.

We kicked off by designing a fresh house development web layout that effectively showcased MTK Capital’s properties and projects in an engaging way. By incorporating ample white space, we created a clean and clutter-free design that allowed the content to shine. We carefully selected typography for its readability, ensuring a seamless user experience throughout the custom home build website redesign. To enhance user engagement, we integrated a video as the hero feature, drawing visitors in and making a strong initial impact. Subtle animations were added for an interactive touch, creating a dynamic browsing experience. We introduced a slider showcasing photography-focused property development projects to spotlight MTK’s exemplary work. Overall, our design aimed to convey professionalism and evoke pride in MTK Capital’s projects



Website showing property services in an unprofessional design as the before state


Refresh of a modern property website created for MTK capital
Two phones displaying custom project pages for a home build website in a responsive manner
Professional layout applied to an about page
ipad showing the page of MTK Capital's new website featuring Max Key and John Key
Laptop showing a contact page layout design for a website showcasing property development

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