Empowering the LGBTQI community through design

Modern logo designed for a local charity on a purple background

Our bunnies went on an inspiring journey to produce an LGBTQI charity logo & web design

F’INE Pasifika Aotearoa Trust, a steadfast advocate for the Pasifika community, approached us to help amplify their impact through a new logo and branding materials. The new look had to have a special focus on inclusivity and resonate with the Pasifika MVPFAFF / LGBTQI+ community. Our creative process involved crafting a cultural logo design that weaves together layers of meaning to mirror the profound values of the organization. At the heart of this design lies the iconic symbol of a canoe, or vaka. The canoe signifies a voyage of self-discovery and empowerment, closely aligned with the journey of individuals seeking support. The harmonious blend of five distinct elements—air symbolized by the frigatebird, fire by the sun, water by wavey lines, earth by intricate patterns, and the heavens by the white space—presents a holistic representation of nature’s synergy and life’s interconnectedness.

Nature-inspired colors were pivotal in conveying the message for the LGBTQI branding, creating vibrancy across brand elements. To ensure consistency, we developed brand guidelines for future materials. For letterheads and business cards, we opted for a simple and clean design, using orange over green for contrast. The same contrast principle was applied to vehicle signage. Our design agency crafted a presentation template, utilizing brand colors and font for clear display. The trifold brochure and email signature showcased strong photography, fostering trust and connection for the cultural collateral design. The local charity website design was integral, using natural colors and incorporating logo elements for a welcoming and engaging appearance. Rounded shapes aligned with the logo’s style, enhancing aesthetics and resonance with the brand message. This expansive LGBTQI branding initiative was was about crafting a vessel that carries the essence of F’INE Pasifika Aotearoa Trust’s mission—a voyage of unity, representation, and empowerment through cultural collateral design.


Green orange and white design of a logo for an lgbtqi charity
Purple and white logo design illustration that includes pasifika elements for an lgbtqi organization
blue and white branding logo design for a lgbtqi organisation
Branding guidelines for a pasifika company including logo and text elements
Branding guidelines displayed in an open booklet for a local cultural charity
Orange tote bag with a cultural lgbtqi logo design
Simple letterhead stationery design next to green and white business cards for a local charity
Front artwork of a business card leaning against a stack for a local charity
Hanging ID tags for company staff working for a pasifika company
Presentation screens lined up featuring colorful backgrounds and text
Tiled design of a powerpoint template showing different ways to insert title and images
Pacific culture trifold brochure partly open showing the design of inside panels for a non profit company
Cover design with photography of a trifold designed for a local charity
Vehicle signage displaying pasifika culture motifs
Email signature designed for the lgbtqi community with a nice logo and details
Home page for a non profit company featuring photography and large typography
Website design showing values of a lgbtqi charity and bright imagery
Donations page layout design made for web for a non profit company
iPhone screen displaying the design of a website featuring diverse people in the lgbtqi community
Website design displaying values for a cultural company

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