Whipping up a fresh menu design

Top view of two menus featuring a fresh design for a cafe in LA

Blending the right design elements to produce a modern cafe menu design

Neighborhood Kitchen is a warm and inviting local restaurant/cafe nestled in a serene and natural environment. As the establishment embarked on updating its menu, they enlisted our design agency‘s expertise for the cafe menu design. Drawing inspiration from their brand’s color palette and the surrounding nature, we crafted a fresh menu design that seamlessly blends modernity, allure, and readability.

Embracing the essence of the Neighborhood Kitchen brand, forest green took center stage. This color played a pivotal role, creating a captivating contrast against the background, while forming a strong brand connection. Our food menu layout prioritizes ease of navigation and legibility, ensuring that the menus are effortlessly followed and comprehended.

To elevate the reading experience without causing any distractions from the menu’s star attractions – the delectable dish descriptions – we meticulously selected a contemporary typeface. This choice adds comfort to the reading process and underscores the significance of the culinary offerings.


Menu stand placed on an angle displaying food items for a restaurant
Food menu placed with table cutlery featuring green branding elements and modern layout for a restaurant
Menu placed on a white plate showing dessert items for a modern cafe in LA
Fresh menu stand placed on a table displaying food items for a restaurant

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