Bringing a blend-tastic menu design to the table

An open menu displaying the front and back cover with food items for a bar

A spectrum of flavor for Blend Bar and Bistro’s business card and colorful menu design

Blend Bar and Bistro takes pride in offering a distinct and diverse culinary journey, harmonizing flavors and techniques from various cultures. They entrusted our graphic designers with the task of crafting vibrant business cards and a bar menu design that mirror this essence to their customers. Rising to the challenge, we conceptualized these assets that not only look amazing but also prioritize functionality.

To capture the spirit of Blend Bar and Bistro, we used vibrant colors to give the bar menu design a lively and energetic vibe. We added line icons to further strengthen the look. These also provide a visual representation of the meals while also adding a whimsical touch. Additionally, the handwritten title treatments offer the brand a playful and approachable appearance that perfectly complements the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant. Customers may pick from the wide variety of items with ease due to the bifold menu style, which is simple to read and browse. The look of the bifold bar menu was carried across to the vibrant business card design. We drew from the same palette and layout so these assets would go hand in hand. The design set for the menu and business card celebrates the harmonious fusion of diverse cultures and flavors, demonstrating that Blend Bar & Bistro is an exceptional dining experience.

Front cover of a colourful main menu design on an angle
Pile of green business cards with food icons for a bar
Colorful design of a business card for a bar and bistro

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