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Round eco shopping mall logo design

Uniting sustainability and commerce with a reality TV Series logo design

My Eco Markets, a visionary company embarking on an extraordinary venture, approached us to design an eco shopping logo and brand image. Their innovative project involves the creation of a new shopping center through a 13-part competitive reality TV show. Contestants would construct and manage their zero-waste retail outlets within the mall, an idea that blends entertainment with environmental consciousness.

Central to this challenge was designing a reality tv series logo design that encapsulated My Eco Markets’ multifaceted mission. The logo features a retail store with a leaf-shaped front door, symbolizing the merging of sustainability and commerce. This subtle yet powerful element creates a universal connection, speaking to show viewers, contestants, and all involved in this pioneering concept. Our design agency incorporated rounded corners and a handwritten slab serif-style typeface for a friendly feel. The carefully selected color palette – deep navy blue for the company name and contrasting red for the logo mark – portrays determination and energy.

Having successfully crafted the reality channel logo design, we expanded its impact by integrating it into a range of marketing assets. From mall signage to packaging, tote bags, business cards, and beyond, the logo became the emblem of My Eco Markets’. It serves as more than just a visual representation; it encapsulates an entire philosophy – a pioneering spirit that aspires to redefine retail, champion environmental consciousness, and inspire a global audience.


Red and black logo design for a reality tv series
White and red reality tv show logo design on dark background
Eco friendly logo design on t-shirt
Shopping mall logo design on an eco friendly shirt
Reality channel on TV displaying a logo design
Eco friendly brown kraft shopping bags with circle white sticker
Eco friendly logo design for a mall on a footpath sign
Eco bag for a green market with a modern logo design
Red logo design for a green mall on black tin barrel

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