Crafting a brand identity as smooth as butter

Wooden butter conditioner appliance product with logo design applied

Our bunnies set out to bring happiness with this butter spread logo design

Smoothly, an forward-thinking business specializing in a butter temperature regulation product, approached our graphic designers to craft a brand identity reflective of their butter industry expertise. We aimed to produce a butter spread logo design that embodied not only smoothness like their name, but also warmth and approachability. Our designers developed a concept that encapsulated the brand’s essence, seamlessly intertwining the iconic butter curls – those velvety, creamy ribbons cherished by all – with a smiley face, creating a distinctive and unforgettable visual element. The elliptical shape of the design introduces a dynamic essence to the composition, infusing it with vitality. The selected typeface for the butter spread logo design harmonizes flawlessly with the butter curl’s rounded ends, establishing a cohesive appearance.

In order to further reinforce the buttery essence of Smoothly’s brand identity, our designers incorporated a rich and inviting buttery color palette into the logo design. From the soft, creamy yellows that evoke the texture of a perfectly spreadable butter to the gentle golden tones that mirror the richness and warmth of a well-seasoned dish, every shade was thoughtfully chosen to encapsulate the essence of butter in its various forms and to trigger an emotional connection with Smoothly’s audience.

For the business cards, we introduced rounded corners to amplify the inviting tone of the brand. Throughout the business cards and inviting social media graphics, we integrated butter texture imagery, lending a luxurious touch. This comprehensive aesthetic remains synchronized with the brand identity, cultivating a commanding brand presence across diverse platforms.


Butter spread logo design using a butter curl and smiley face for inspiration
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