Throwing a slumber party for a bed logo

White logo design on an dark blue background for a bed company
Logomark design created from the B letter symbolising a bed shape

Our bunnies well-rested easy after developing a modern bed logo design

A successful company called All Beds, which specializes in mattresses, beds, toppers, pillows, and linen, requested our help to design a logo that reflects the creative and luxurious nature of the business. Our graphic designers developed a concept that effectively captures the spirit of All Beds after careful ideation and thorough research. The key element of the bed company logo consists of the letter “B,” which, when positioned horizontally and turned 45 degrees, cleverly mimics the shape of a bed. This innovative use of typography helps communicate the core of the company’s services, as well as the name.

We deliberately chose an electrifying shade of navy as the brand’s primary color to further boost its image. The color selection also gives the b bed logo a timeless look that will ensure that it maintains its relevance and impact. Overall, the unique bed logo design successfully conveys the identity and products of the company while also making an impression on visitors.


Design process of a bed shape being constructed for a logo
Badges placed randomly on an orange background showing a blue logo for a bed business
Business card designed for a bed shop placed on an orange block
Blue mug showing a bed logo made from the letter B in an office setting

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