Branding for a company that likes to move it move it

Professional home moving company branding on a moving truck

Stacking up the benefits of designing professional home moving company branding assets

Moving Matters stands as a respected home moving company, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service when assisting customers with their relocation needs. They approached us to establish a strong home moving business branding identity to enhance their presence in the competitive market. With this goal in mind, they turned to our expertise to create a logo, business card and a home moving company web design. Our team produced an inviting and friendly logo that features a box shape with a heart nestled in the corner to symbolize the company’s caring approach to its services. We opted for a color scheme that combined navy blue and yellow, giving the logo a fresh and professional appearance.

When it came to the home moving company business card design, our objective was to ensure that the branding elements were prominently featured while maintaining a clean and organized layout. The logo took center stage, instantly establishing brand recognition, while the card’s layout effectively highlighted the full range of services offered by Moving Matters. An innovative touch was added by incorporating the box shape into a subtle pattern background treatment, reinforcing the home moving company branding in a subtle yet memorable way.

These distinctive branding elements were woven into the home moving company web design. It boasts a sleek and minimalist appearance, with prominent text that presents the company’s services in a user-friendly manner. The brand’s signature colors were utilized to distinguish sections, creating striking contrast with the accompanying photography and imagery. To introduce a dash of creativity and refinement, we introduced subtle scrolling effects within the services section, enhancing the overall visual appeal and user engagement of the one page website design.

Creative home moving business logo design with heart and box icon
Box combined with a heart logo design
Company logo ID cards design with home moving branding
Navy, orange and white for a home moving company business card
Moving company business card design for a home moving business
business cards for a home moving business in LA
Beautiful navy blue moving company boxes with branding
Home page hero of a modern moving business website design with nice branding
Moving company web design in LA, showing responsive device layout

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