The creation of a nature leaf logo

Bold logo design inspired by nature on a neutral colour palette for a life coaching company

Our evolving journey to create a life coaching logo design

Our Evolution Effect, a well-regarded life coaching enterprise, has a mission to empower individuals in achieving both personal and professional aspirations. They engaged our design agency to create a life coaching logo design that mirrors their brand essence – a tranquil and inviting demeanor that deeply resonates with their clients. Our designers produced a distinct logo design inspired by nature, employing the ambigram technique. This design incorporates two abstract lowercase E’s placed in opposing directions, yielding an abstract ‘O’ when intertwined.

The nature leaf logo design also draws inspiration from the yin and yang concept, symbolizing the interplay of contrasting yet interconnected forces. This yin and yang element mirrors the theme of fostering success and happiness that Our Evolution Effect aims to bring to its clients. We devised an alternate version of the yin and yang logo design for compact spaces, preserving a circular layout for the initials, which harmonizes with the logomark and ensures prompt recognition for the company. The chosen color scheme further amplifies the serene and inviting character of the brand. The earthy brown shade radiates a sense of tranquility and accessibility.


Logo drawn from the yin and yang symbol to create a leaf from nature
Logo showing initials of a life coaching brand inspired by nature
Neutral business card against a nature background
Tote bag displaying life coach branding
Clear bottle showing a label of a logo for a life coach business

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