Constructing a business profile booklet design

Marketing company profile

Laying the foundations for a sleek construction company profile design

Brendan Murray Construction, a renowned residential construction company, sought the expertise of our design agency to design their construction profile booklet. Our task was to showcase their capabilities and projects through a visually appealing layout with stunning images.

To achieve a visually appealing business profile booklet design, aesthetics played a pivotal role. It was essential to not only captivate potential customers with stunning design but also instill confidence in the company’s ability to deliver on promises.

In our construction profile booklet design, we created a seamless interaction between text and images. The use of a masonry layout allowed us to spotlight key information with bold titles, captivating images, and crisp text on black backgrounds, creating a visually striking yet easily readable design. The result was a brochure that not only captured the attention of future prospects but also conveyed professionalism and set the business apart in the industry.


Design of projects with nice photography for a business booklet catered for a construction company
House construction booklet profile design with a modern layout
Folded page of a booklet with profile information of a construction company

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