Setting a foundation for logo design

Black promotional coaster design for a construction company

Our bunnies nailed the luxurious look for a high end construction logo

Hurley Building and Developments, a family-owned enterprise specializing in upscale architectural builds, approached us to design a high end construction logo, business card and other materials. Our approach centered on crafting a distinctive negative space design as the core of the logo. This design ingeniously incorporated the letter “H” from the company’s name, using it to form the negative space between the shapes of buildings. These buildings symbolize the expertise in both commercial and residential construction. The selected colors for the H building logo design further accentuated a sense of high-end craftsmanship, mirroring vital aspects of the brand identity. The chosen typeface exudes sophistication, with unique line shapes that heightened its visual impact.

We extended the branding to include signage and a modern construction business card. The business card design employed a minimalist layout, placing emphasis on the luxurious color palette and strategic utilization of white space. With this comprehensive branding overhaul, Hurley Building and Developments now boasts an identity that resonates effortlessly with its esteemed customers.

Negative space h construction business logo
High-end h building company logo for a construction business
Brandmark designed using the letter h with negative space treatment for a construction business
House building company logo on sign on timber framing
Building company logo design for a construction business in los angeles
Modern branded plan designs for a construction business
Building company business card designed in a modern layout

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