Raising the roof with a renovation logo

Construction hard hat displaying the logo mark of a construction company at the front

Elevating to new heights with a clever construction business logo design

Under Construction, a reputable building company specializing in new builds and rural construction projects, approached us with the goal of creating a renovation logo that could encapsulate their extensive expertise and years of experience. We crafted a clever construction business logo design by seamlessly integrating the letters U and C. This logo was meticulously adapted into various versions to ensure its versatility across all mediums.

The logomark elegantly captures both U and C while subtly resembling a construction frame or house structure. Complementing this, we utilized a robust sans serif typeface for the company name. The carefully chosen color palette, comprising shades of blue and black, further enhances the U C initials logo impact. This harmonious blend of logomark, typeface, and colors not only conveys integrity, professionalism, and trustworthiness but also distinctly aligns with the construction industry.

With the clever construction business logo design in place, our team seamlessly incorporated it across various promotional materials, from building signage to vehicle graphics. The blue hue from the palette was strategically employed on company vehicles, amplifying the logo’s visibility and impact.


Clever u c initials blue logo design
Clever u c initials forming a circle logo for a construction company
Billboard sign showcasing a blue and black construction logo
Black vehicle on an angle with a wrap design consisting of a blue renovation build logo
Company stationery coasters with a blue letters logo for a renovation business

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