Wagging success with the best dog healthcare logo

Logo design of the best dog face using geometric shapes
Geometric outline of a dog face logo for the animal medical industry

Creating pawsome branding for a rapid diagnotic kit for dogs

Whelply, an enterprise specializing in diagnostic health testing kits for dogs, engaged our services with a vision for the best dog healthcare logo that radiates innovation and approachability.

Taking a geometric approach, we fashioned a distinct and memorable dog head logo. Utilizing fundamental shapes, we portrayed a dog’s ears, forehead, and muzzle, harmonizing with the name “Whelply.” This abstract configuration produces a captivating visual that mirrors the brand’s dedication to dog health assessment. We chose a contemporary and polished typeface for the best dog healthcare logo, heightening the overall aesthetic. The selected color palette includes beige, green, and peach to evoke trustworthiness and professionalism. The logo design‘s versatility extends to diverse brand materials, encompassing packaging and corporate collateral. In crafting a one sheet guideline design, we empower the client to create brand consistency across upcoming materials.


Dog head logo using geometric shapes and modern font
Dog health test kit with a animal medical logo design
Drawstring bag with geometric dog brand for animal health industry
One sheet guideline design for a dog health company
Dog head logo displayed on a white shirt
Social media graphics creating a call to action for a dog healthcare company

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